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Thanks Jimmy Swaggart! (The Salvation Appreciation)

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As my mother and I talked this weekend, on the verge of experiencing a prayer request that is 13 years in the making, she let me in one something I did not realize, I was saved at the age of 3 thanks to the guidance of Jimmy Swaggart! Albeit I was baptized later on in my youth and had a “re-dedication” of sorts in my 20’s, for as long as I can remember I have always known of a God … talked to Jesus … and knew very much about the truth of heaven and hell, and this weekend I found out why. As she tells it, she was in the kitchen doing dishes when she heard me begin to speak. I was in the living room face to face with the television screen; reciting word for word the sinners prayers as the preacher laid it out of all who were willing to recite it among the nations. I don’t know why my mother never shared this before, but alas all things in an appropriate time I trust. Some may say that 3 years of age is too young to make such a commitment, but I disagree. Looking back (on that which I can remember about my life), I can see God’s hand through it all – both outwardly and within my inner-thoughts, through the good and the bad. Thanks to be to God alone that I am still around to type this for sure.   

Now I know nothing much of Mr. Swaggart, other than the brief reading I have completed today. It seems he has a lot of public fallings on his journey, but never-the-less one cannot deny that he has played a part to many people coming to Christ, and for that I thank him. God can use anyone and anything for His glory and to accomplish His plans, that is never to be forgotten!

So what exactly is salvation/being saved? In my words it means you have accepted Jesus Christ into your life and henceforth pledge to give your life over to Him, for the glory of Father God and be led daily by the Holy Spirit. It means you realize that you cannot navigate through this life on your own, and you need to be helped day in and day out by the Creator of the universe. It is when you choose to believe (stand in faith) that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, whom came - lived a blameless life, was killed for the payment of our sins (all of mankind) - who rose again to be with the Father and continues to intercede on the behalf of those who call Him brother, King, redeemer and friend.

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Dear Father God, Creator of the Universe, 

We come to you today with perhaps heavy hearts as we see that there is a world around us in desperate need of a Savior, in dire need of the love that You alone can provide. As there are tragedies all around the world, from earth quakes in Nepal to shootings in Texas to Christians being persecuted in so many places, we call upon You to be our strength and peace. We submit to you Lord, and ask You to show us  Your specific will for our lives. May we readily be Your hands and feet to the world around us, to shine Your light. May we find solace in Your Grace, the truth of salvation which is offered freely to all those who ask through the blameless one, Your Son, Jesus. To You we give thanks for all things, for that which has happened and that which is to come. Thank You for simply waking us up today, and providing us with each breath that we breathe. 
By the One who has the power to save, in Yeshua we pray. ><> 

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