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☼ An Update ☼

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Well, it has surely been a while since I have posted, and wow my life has changed quite a bit. I am getting married in a few weeks to an amazing man that was (no doubt) hand-picked by God. I live in a new city, have new favorite restaurants, and I am (in most ways) healthier than I have ever been. I am in awe of God every day of what He has brought about in my life. Meeting my fiancé, and through our courtship, I can see well how the past was necessary for the present, and how both will shape the future.

Obviously, the writing was pushed to the side, and truthfully the whole scandal with Tate Publishing (and being not-the-best at self-promotion), but a sour taste in my mouth in regards it in a whole. Though you can still pick up a copy of 31 Rays of Hope currently through the Hold On To Hope bundle on Loved + Blessed. However, after those are sold, unless it gets republished (all God’s will), that will be the end to that (still grateful) experience.  

However, the next life chapter is one that is quite unexpected, but now very anticipated … godly wife for the win? Since becoming engaged (09.07.18 by a waterfall in Colorado; yes it's as lovely as it gives way to) I think on this topic a lot, and ask God to show me His will and what am I to do. My fiancé is an honest, kind, hardworking, quite handsome, loving, generous person who I want decades upon decades worth of happy memories with, but I know that he does not fill my soul, only God can do that. He adds to my life in ways that I never thought a human could, but alas my soul is God’s alone. He (father God) is to always remain my first focus, as alas in times that He is not, all other things really do start to come unhinged. It is my hope, that I find the will to share it all in written form, to be as bold as in years past, as the goal is the same, to show light and share love with the hope of bringing others to salvation through Jesus Christ.

 So that is a mini update from me to you, and should you know of an area in Gwinnett/Hall county that is all about serving the homeless (or knows where a camp or two is), please let me know.  Please keep this in your prayers, I am not easily accessible to the place that has held my helping heart for years (Little 5 Points), and as I mentioned many months ago now, “things aren’t what they used to be” in regards to being able to help on the law level, and we (Joann, my fiancé and I) would like to find a more permanent helping home.

Peace and blessings to you, whoever and whenever you do read this through Jesus Christ.


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