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Two Become One

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So I have been married … a month … today, woot! What I have learned in the past 30 days is summed up in a phrase I knew before, GOD IS GOOD. Without going into much detail on the specifics the wedding (and reception) was awesome. What was predicted to be (up to the night before) a stormy spring day, God turned into a fluffy cloud, sun shining, and birds singing celebration that could only be crafted by a divine hand. Just writing that makes me tear up, so I repeat GOD IS GOOD.  

My courtship was not a long one. My (now) husband and I, from meeting were very open in the communication department, and a lot (A LOT) of questions were asked in the first 30 days of knowing each other to establish “should we even be talking”. We met in December, became “boyfriend/girlfriend” in February (before Valentine’s), confirmed the “I love you’s” in March, got engaged in September, and married in April. As he says, “I liked it so I put a ring on it”. Heh! So allowing myself some time to reflect on him versus others (without getting all self-hating for past mistakes) I can speak to these three things with absolute certainty.

A God divined union just works better. Communication is easier. Trust is easier. Honesty is easier. You are MEANT TO BE so you don’t have to TRY TO BE. Both parties just are who they are, and it fits together. Of course, there may still be hiccups (no relationship is without such), but you just work it out and get through it.

Just because you married him, doesn’t mean you own him. Seriously, it is mentioned in Genesis (thanks a lot Eve), but suddenly I’ve started giving directions when it was asked, and telling a grown man how to perform tasks he has successfully been doing for 31 years? It’s a curse (lol, but truth), and you need to be mindful of your actions, let your man be a man.

Never let God be replaced. Written last, but most important, never let God be replaced in your heart. Yes, He brought you your life mate, but He is your life force. When your focus shifts, it is easily felt within the partnership, because well, your “human side” gets a little more screen time than your Holy Spirit attributes, and that can bring along a host of problems.

So far, so AH-MAZ-ING. I am LOVING being married, and look forward to many more days, years, decades ahead with my husband. 

Grace, peace, and love to you through the Savior of the world.

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