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Along with the whole world who has internet access and any interest in anything, I have been watching a fair bit more of videos on Youtube in the past few months. As I have written before I have never been a big subscriber to channels and I am still a bit hesitant to subscribe to everyone I occasionally view, but here is my main line up as it stands now. 


Because he is awesome, and his music has influenced many areas of my life. Let’s just say, if there are multiple stage concert going on the new Earth, I will be front row at his show, each and every time. 


Because they are awesome, hilarious and have two tracks which are rooted in my fabric for my passion. I would also be ok hearing them through-out enternity, if Shonlock and MercyMe did a collab, I don’t even think I could handle it! My heart rate just shot up thinking about that fantastic merger. #Squee


Chelsea is a on fire believer who made a change and is all about sharing that change and the transforming power of Jesus with everyone. 

Our Epic Field Trip

Nomad Travel Channel by Scott and Christina Field (aka my in-laws) who are living the dream of many and sharing their fabulous adventures along the way!

Gabriella Hope

A newer YT channel based on Christian Collegiate content with truthful and straight to the point messages that are good for young and old alike.


Becca is wow, the way God is using her and how she explains things speaks to me a lot. She commonly will say that she isn’t just sharing things in a pointing finger manner to her audience, but that she herself is learning these lessons, and that is 100% how I view what I say/do/write. 


Yeah, you just need to go check ‘em out, because to see is to know and to know is to understand.

Bible Project

Written about in another blog they are still doing what they do, and if you haven’t listened to their Revelations (apocalyptic literature) podcast video, do it! P/S I only recently found out there are people (Christians) who are scared to read Revelations. That shocks me, but my experience is a bit different as God started me out with that book when I was 7 (many, many years ago). There might be some scary parts, but there is also so much good and holy promises within the text.

The Beat By Allen Parr

This has become my daily channel and will be until I catch up on all his vids. If you have ever wondered ANYTHING about the Bible, Allen has probably got a video on it. He speaks truth and love, and doesn't hold sugar coat, because well that is Biblical truth. 

It's A Southern Thing

There is 99.9% chance that any and everyone will find a video on this channel to tickle their funny bone.  

Royalty Soaps

Am I a soapmaker? Nope. Have I ever watched other soapmakers? Nope. Does this channel give me something my eyes and ears enjoy, 100%. I hope to snag a bar for myself on next launch, alarm is set and sugar will be consumed so I don’t fall asleep early.

Ok, so that is all who I subscribe to at the moment, and perhaps I will post along the way should I add another batch of content in my heavy rotation.  

What about you, who do you view?

P/S On the desktop version of the blog, I am now including a “playlist” of songs I am listening to on repeat, if you share a love of the music too and care to take a peek.

Later awesome humans!

Peace and blessings to you through Jesus Christ. 💙

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