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WaxNotNeeded - The Wall Came Tumbling Down

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!Happy Sunday Everyone! 
(or happy –insert whatever day you are reading this-)

In thanks to the prompting of a Veggie Tales story, I found myself taking a gander at a place I haven’t been in a while [aka the Old Testament]. Of course there are a few verses, here and there, and everyone loves the Proverbs and the Psalms, but sure before the free salvation offered through Jesus Christ came, things were a bit different, so yes the old testament can seem a bit “rough” at times. However, it is in the roughness we find how God really can move!

What am I on about you ask? Well, let me share a little story of truth and awesomeness with you.
So Joshua led the Israelites after Moses died (Moses wasn’t allowed to see the Promised Land because he disobeyed God and hit the rock more times than God said, so unfortunately he had to pass on before they made it there  - no fear though He is rocking it in heaven). The first place they came upon was Jericho (as you read Joshua you learn that God gave them many kingdoms aside from this initial one), however this land, which God had given to His Chosen People, just so happened to be within and in a stone wall casing. Of chose the people of Jericho weren’t just going to hand over their city, so what where the Israelites to do?  Well, Joshua asked and God answered in the form of a heavenly messenger.

Very specific instructions were given to the whom, the line order and such, but to sum up for 7 days the Israelites where to go around the city, on the 7th day they were to go around the city 7 times and during the last go around sound your trumpets and when you hear that everyone yell and the city shall be yours.  It sounds a little too good to be true right? It wasn’t, Joshua and the Israelites did has God had commanded and the walls came tumbling on down. The city was theirs for the taking. By taking however, God had strict rules over this. Everything was to be burn (Less Rahab and her family to protecting the spies), the silver and gold was to be collected and put in the house of the Lord.

However, this is not exactly where the story ends. You see, although God had brought the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, parted the red sea before their very eyes, provided them manna from the heavens to eat during their years of wandering the desert (in an estimated like 7 mile radius because they kept disobey God) and though they had all just seem a miraculous task done, someone disobeyed God and stole some of the precious metals for their own. Alas, when this was discovered (through the Israelites being beaten by a smaller army when they went to take over the next “kingdom” and Joshua petitioning of the reason to God) the man and his entire family was stoned and burned to death.

Points of reference:
God can do anything, He will perform great miracles for You in order for His kingdom to be glorified.
Even if what God tells you to do sounds a little crazy, pay no attention He knows what He is doing.

Do not disobey God, though we have the free redemption through Jesus Christ (aka can you imagine in this day and age if you had to slaughter a firstborn lamb for all your sins?), that does not give us a license to act as we will. This wrath that is shown here is likened to that which will be for those who do not accept Jesus as savior. We preach that God is a God of love, and this is true, but there will come a time, where-as God’s wrath will be poured out and the One who came and died for us will hand out judgments.

Dear Heavenly Father, We thank You for giving us Your holy word as instruction, as a guide in which we might read – meditate upon and share with others, so we might have a better understanding of You, Your will and what this all is about. Though not everyone believes in You, we know the truth, that there are one of two places that each man will end up at, heaven or hell. We pray for everyone, from our loved ones to the people we do not know, that they one day embrace the truth of Salvation. Mend our broken hearts, broken bodies, broken minds and fill us with a peace that only You can provide. In the name of Your son, Jesus Christ, we pray, Amen. 


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