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By Him Alone

Regardless of what you may have heard (or even believe) the truth is that Heaven is real and likewise Hell ... There is but *ONE WAY* to reach the blissful paradise which will be known as basking in the eternal radiance of the Creator being governed by His Son and that is to accept Him into Your life.

Are you saved?
Not yet, but want to be?
Not even sure what "being saved" a la "being reborn" is?

Well to be saved means you have accepted Jesus Christ into your life and henceforth pledge to give your life over to Him, for the glory of Father God and be led daily by the Holy Spirit. It means you realize that you cannot navigate through this life on your own, and you need to be helped day in and day out by the Creator of the universe. It is when you choose to believe (stand in faith) that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, whom came - lived a blameless life, was killed for the payment of our sins (all of mankind) - who rose again to be with the Father and continues to intercede on the behalf of those who call Him brother, King, redeemer and friend.

As we are told in Romans 3, "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by His grace given through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus".

To accept Jesus Christ as your savior, all you have to do is TELL GOD SUCH and BELIEVE IT TO BE TRUE!

It is God's will that all of His creation turn back to Him, but He instilled in us the freedom (free will) to accept or deny the Truth we are presented with.

If you do believe the above, and would like to be brought into His court, it is as simple as saying something like the prayer below:

Dear Father God,

Thank you for the life of which You have given me. I humbly give my life over to You for Your will, honor and glory. I realize that I am a sinner and repent (ask for forgiveness) of all my past transgressions (sins). I accept that Jesus Christ is Your Son, who was sent to die and rise again so that I may look blameless in Your sight. That He alone bore my shame, though He was white as snow. Thank You Jesus, for following out instruction, though you could have said no, so that I might call upon You as my sole redeemer. I ask that the Holy Spirit come inside me Lord, that I may be wise in Your ways and that my feet may move forevermore in line with You, as You direct my path, and I am transformed every day., as I seek Your will to be my will. 

In the precious name of Your son, Jesus Christ, Amen!

More information on Salvation can be found in the following videos by Charles Stanely: The First Step: Salvation and How Does A Person Become Saved.

If you did say this prayer and have now accepted Jesus Christ as your own personal savior, just wanted to say WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!