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Good Grief

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Sucky, sucky, sucky – suck suck!

What deserves five sucks in a row? Death does my friend, death. While albeit I am channeling most assuredly my inner five year old to relay the feeling, it does still ring true to be at the ripe age 29.

I successfully navigated (or rather had God navigate me) through 29 years on the face of this earth honestly believing that my parents were invincible and immortal. After all, both of my parents have overtaken the medical realm by storm. One was part iron man with a spinal system only put in 5 people in the world, the other tramples upon cancer and tumors. Medical miracles are they both, each were undoubtedly were shown providence by the Creator in regards to health amidst their sufferings, alas now one remains and the other has taken a place in the realm of which we have all yet to go.

It happened on May 8th, a day that will forever bring upon a metallic taste in my mouth. The day in which I learned what I felt like to die over and over, as if in some cruel cartoon, in which a part of your heart gets ripped out bare-handed in a rhythmic pattern with nothing to numb the pain.

So yeah, I’ll say it... losing a parent (my diddy) SUCK(S/ED)!

I’ll spare the majority of details and inner mind rambles, partially because things are still being worked out – partially because there will be a devotional on grief in book # 2, so I don’t want to be on repeat, but I will say this..


So to the people who wonder WHY we, as believers of Christ spread the message … go to the outcasts and far corners of the Earth is simple …

We believe, we know, that salvation is found through JESUS CHRIST ALONE and if you do not embrace the free gift of Grace, then your forever-after doesn’t look so bright .. and we, as believers, I think, should want EVERYONE to come to the saving knowing of Yeshua, we should want NO ONE to go to Hell .. we should wish separation from God onto no one .. how do we wish upon something that which we do not know (only Jesus has ever faced?) … Yet likewise, how do we stand silent when we know we are to be a LIGHT and to SHARE THE GOOD NEWS with everyone?

So I will put it to this, about 4 years ago I asked a man a question. I asked this man if he was saved, I asked with a shaky voice if he knew the Savior, if he believed that Jesus Christ was the risen Son of the true Creator and he said yes. I asked this question, to this man, because I had never asked it before. Roughly 4 years after that question got answered, I got the privilege of standing beside my Diddy’s bed, reading him scripture of what future places will look like, saying continuous prayer, joking with him about future book dedications, and letting him know – face to face – with full understanding, how proud I was that I could stand in front of him with such peace (in the midst of chaos) because I knew where he was going once it was decided he would breath his final breathe.

I thank God (Father, Son and Spirit) for that, as it’s good grief.

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