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Unconditional Love by Joseph Donofro

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Thanks to Joseph Donofro for letting me post this wonderful piece. You can check him out on Tumblr or Facebook for more insights, inspirations and good stuffs.

Dictionary definition- not subject to any conditions.
Thesaurus synonyms- wholeheartedunqualifiedunreserved,unlimitedunrestrictedunmitigated,unquestioningcompletetotalentirefull,absoluteout-and-outunequivocal.
Dictionary definition- an intense feeling of deep affection.
Thesaurus Synonyms- deep affectionfondnesstenderness,warmthintimacyattachment,endearmentdevotionadorationdoting,idolizationworshippassionardor,desirelustyearninginfatuationliking of/forenjoyment of,appreciation of/fortaste fordelight for/inrelish ofpassion forzeal for,appetite forzest forenthusiasm for,keenness forfondness forsoft spot for,weakness forbent forproclivity for,inclination fordisposition forpartiality forpredilection forpenchant forcompassioncarecaringregard,solicitudeconcernfriendliness,friendshipkindnesscharitygoodwill,sympathykindlinessaltruism,unselfishnessphilanthropybenevolence,fellow feelinghumanitybelovedloved onelove of one’s life,deardearestdear onedarling,sweetheartsweetangelhoneylover,inamoratoinamorataamour;paramourrelationshiplove affairromance,liaisonaffair of the heartamourbest wishesregardsgood wishes,greetingskind/kindest regardscare very much forfeel deep affection forhold very dearadorethink the world ofbe devoted todote on,idolizeworshipbe in love withbe infatuated withbe smitten withbe besotted withbe mad/crazy/nuts/wild abouthave a crush oncarry a torch forlike very muchdelight inenjoy greatlyhave a passion fortake great pleasure inderive great pleasure from,relishsavorhave a weakness forbe partial tohave a soft spot forhave a taste forbe taken withget a kick out ofhave a thing aboutbe mad/crazy/nuts/wild about.
The I believe the BIBLE defines them this way: God=Love and Selflessness=Unconditional.
I do not have much to say other than what is clearly stated in definitions and synonyms other than that I feel like I fall short of loving like I should. When I tell my wife I love her, I mean it, but does she believe me when I expect something back later on that day because I cleaned the dishes for her. That is not unconditional, that is, I gave to you and I expect to gather something in return.When we love, what if we loved in this way; to say, I long to do this for you and that is all. It is difficult. We are a selfish people that feel as though we deserve respect. I do not deserve anything from anyone, even if I gave them $1000, I have no right to say 5 years later, “remember when I gave you that money, well pay up!”. 
My mind travels at the speed of light and, no, I cannot keep up. I think all the time about how I have been called by one who is worthy of everything, yet I cannot give enough. Jesus loves me like I long to love others. He says, I gave you my life so that you can have life. Who does that? I still sin day in and out, but yet He calls me His righteousness. What is the reward that He longs for in me, that He would go out of His way to make sure that He could be with me forever? It is the relationship. And even thought I am not the best friend in the relationship, He calls me His best friend. 
I will end with one more story. There is a homeless man on the street, in your mind, you owe him nothing. You pass him by and in passing call him a bum. That night in your dream Jesus comes up to you and says, “I love you”. Once you wake you realize that man you passed and called a bum, was Jesus. Even though we spit in His face everyday by sinning and messing up, He still extends grace and never holds anything against us.
There you have it; unconditional love is the kingdom of heaven in action. So, if God=love and and unconditional=selflessness, then I would say that selflessness in loving The Father would result in a life that longs to love unconditionally. Because the relationship that is forged in that place of loving Him can only overflow in the life of the friend of The Father.
Don’t live expecting to be served. Serve and expect nothing then you will be rewarded.

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