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WaxNotNeeded - Well then [book of] Isaiah

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As a previous post mentioned I am reading through the Old Testament at the moment (will parts of it). The journey started with Jeremiah – moved on to Daniel and it now currently in Isaiah. All I can say about this book is WOW, GOD DON’T PLAY!

Honestly, when I was in my early twenties I simply logged for this “all to end”, I was not unhappy on this Earth, but the idea of it being over and getting to chill with the Creator seemed (and still does seem) much more appealing. However, as I near my 30’s and since my outlook on the lost has changed, I am more considered with those that are blind to the truth and after reading Isaiah 24 – I am just well “whew”.

I know that not “everyone” will be saved, I know that to be truth, but my hope still remains that EVERYONE is, especially all of my friends and my family. I am very well versed in Revelations and as I am reading the Old Testament (which is my opinion is a lot more descriptive and illustrative than one of my most beloved books) I wish for no one to suffer that fate.

We (the collective church) preaches SO MUCH on God’s love and forgiveness, which are both VERY well and VERY good and VERY true, but I cannot help but wonder, do we preach the truth on the devastation of here-after enough? Do we go into specifics, not just as “you will go to Hell” but actually what all that the separation from the Creator entails?

I will depart with this, a personal from Little 5 Points and I had a conversation a few weeks ago. He said to me, “I wonder how many of us are murders?” I, very intrigued by where this was going was glad he continued on to explain. “Not in the physical sense, but rather in the Spiritual. How many of us has killed someone, by not sharing the gospel [listening to the Holy Spirit when He tells us to talk], so they die without have accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior?” Wow is what I said then, and wow is what I still say now.

To God be the glory for ALL things; may we rejoice in His peace, presence and gifts that He has given us from life to salvation to death.  We thank You Father, Son and Spirit for all things – that which we know of and that which we don’t. May You strength us, may we cling to Your will, may we choose Your way instead of own on, in the name of Jesus we ask. Amen. 

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