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Christmas Possible: 2012

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So I just realized that I haven't officially posted anything about the current initiative on here yet, so that just had to be changed! Some of you (who are on my twitter, fb or tumblr) may be like "why are you talking about it so much?" To that I reply, because the thought of being able to help 25 Atlanta homeless youth have the BEST CHRISTMAS YET just makes me all sort of giddy (as it should to you as well) and everyone deserves to feel loved (especially on Christmas).

All of the details are listed here at the fundraiser page, and props to Youcaring for being free of charge! Some of the updates so far is that Publix is going to help out with the food (specifics unknown at the moment) and the first gift (a remote control car that can go on the ceiling) has been donated.

Trust me, I know, it is a ROUGH economy that we are living in, but if you could please find it in your heart to donate $1, $5 or even $25 it would be very much appreciated. So often we take for granted the things that we have .. whether it be a warm bed, food on the table, having a car or even a variety of clothes to wear, but this people have known a life without ANY of that at one point of the other. Likewise, please share this with your friends! We are all a community (a family) and the more the merrier I say. However, if you are unable to donate, then I do understand, please keep this in your thoughts and prayers.

All donations are to be received by December 5th, so as of today (11/1/12) we have 33 days and counting down!

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