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31 Days of Kindness

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One small act of kindness can change a person’s life forever.

Happy (almost) New Year Everyone! I must say I am glad to be back writing, while the time off was lovely (more updates on that later), I am excited to be back sharing some written words.

To start off this New Year I wanted to ask you all to join me in 31 Days of Kindness, just one simple action each day, that will help others (along with yourself), start off to a great 2013. Of course if you are reading this mid-January or another month, by no means let that stop you, kindness is a currency that will never lose its fair-market value. Due to availability/cost/location it is offered as a “31 actions” rather than day specific, so you can complete as you can. Likewise, if some days are unable to completed, completely understandable; no hard and fast rules, feel free to replace with your own “act of kindness” or even repeat a few days, after all we are just living out some love that has been shown to us by the Grace of the Trinity! The only real rule is to keep showing *extra* kindness each day for 31 days.

I’d be remiss if I did not give props to one of my besties, Dalia, for first bringing this idea to me. She has asked me of some ideas before of what she could do and now a few months later I just wanted to put something together and embark a group journey with us all, not to mention what I great way to celebrate my BIRTHDAY MONTH (yes, I will be turning the big 2-9 on the 18th). If you feel led share your experience of this just email me [HollieMarie(at)ShadesofSunshine(dot)com] and above all simply enjoy the awesomeness of being a helping hand to others!

One: Compliment A Stranger (Wholeheartedly, even more than one if possible) 
Two: Open/Hold The Door For (at least) 5 People (Not all ladies, gentleman like this treat too)
Three: Leave A Co-Worker (Or Neighbor) An Anonymous Note Of Gratitude
Four: Buy Someone A Cup Of Coffee, Tea Or Soda
Five: Let Someone Go In Line In Front Of You At The Store
Six: Box Up Some Items and Give Them Away  (Store/organization, family in need, random stranger – your choice)
Seven:  Leave Change At A Vending Machine
Eight: Befriend Some Kids (Wave, joke, say hi, give ‘em a balloon, stickers, etc)
Nine: Write A Note Of Appreciation Or Give A Gift To Your Mailman
Ten: Sincerely Forgive Someone and/or Pray For An “Enemy’s” Wellbeing
Eleven: Volunteer or Schedule To Volunteer At An Organization Of Your Choice
Twelve: Send Someone In Service A Letter (If you don’t know one, check out  - go to your particular branch and click “where to send”)
Thirteen: Hug Peoples (As many as you can, friends, family or strangers .. FREE HUGS FOR ALL)
Fourteen: Hand Out (or Place On Cars) Verse Cards / You Are Special Cards / Stickers, Etc
Fifteen: Leave Some Quarters At The Laundry Mat
Sixteen: Help Someone Carry Their Groceries or Trash
Seventeen: Take Someone To Lunch / Cook Someone A Meal
Eighteen: Hand Out Food or Necessity Bags To Homeless
Nineteen: Thank All The Cashiers, Food Servers, etc You Come Across For Doing What They Do
Twenty: Extend Your Help To Someone(s), Ask Around and Fulfill A Need
Twenty One: Treat Someone To Sweets (Leave Some Candy for a Co-worker, Neighbor, etc)
Twenty Two: Send An Appreciation Letter or Gift To A Civil Service Organization  (Fireman, Police, etc)
Twenty Three: Pass Along A Book (You Love) To Someone Who Would Enjoy It
Twenty Four:  Be A Courteous Driver (Let people merge, cut in, etc ..)
Twenty Five: Tip Someone VERY Well
Twenty Six: Pick Up Trash (See some litter, pick it up!)
Twenty Seven: Hand Out or Leave (strategically placed) Bibles (Dollar Tree now carries them)
Twenty Eight: Donate Canned Food Items To A Local Food Bank
Twenty Nine: Give A Gift To or Visit A Nursing Home
Thirty:  Give Some Gas (Cash at pump, gift card, etc - a little bit goes a long way)
Thirty-One: Buy A Stranger A Meal (Drive Thru – Drop a gift card at a table in a restaurant – etc)


"But God demonstrated His own love for us; While we were sinners Christ died for us!" Romans 5:8

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