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Sabrina C. Anderson - Author of "How To Live A Fabulous Life In Christ"

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Sabrina C. Anderson is author of 
How To Live A Fabulous Life In Christ: A Womans Guide To Spiritual Growth
which is available via Amazon.

As you may have noticed (if you have been here before) ShadesofSunshine has had a bit of a makeover .. more shades of me if you will. As such, I would like to thank Sabrina for taking the time for this interview. She truly is a delight! You can read my review of her book here

Who is Sabrina C. Anderson and what do you want the world to know about you?
I am first a daughter and a sister. I grew up very spiritual and knew early on I had spiritual gifts to share with the world; I just didn’t how that would happen.  I started December Publishing in 2011 really taking a leap of faith and trusting God that this was His calling on my life. It has been a blessing to me because I use writing as a tool for other people to learn from my pain. So many miraculous things can happen to you when you are being shaped by God in those storms and I love being able to share the whispers of wisdom that God has graciously imparted to my soul.

What led you to write “How to Live a Fabulous Life in Christ”?
I was actually led by the Holy Spirit. I never intended to become an author as my writing experience extends from basic prayer journaling to graduate school. Growing up, I was often in trouble at school for my writings being too mature, not following the rules, etc. So it never occurred to me this could be a gift. I had planned on becoming an attorney and having this fabulous legal career but deep inside I knew there was something else I was put on this earth for.
I was completely stunned when this idea came upon my spirit. Once I began to pursue it, I started meeting the right people who could help me launch this into the world. I literally began this work from scratch with a title, a few scriptures and the voice of God leading me. It was one of the most uncomfortable periods of my life because I didn’t know what I was doing, and I certainly didn’t know the entire plan (I still don’t). I knew I was given a task, a message to young women and somehow it would reach those who needed to hear it.
Looking back now, it all makes sense how this unfolded over the course of my life.

What do you hope people get from reading the book?
I hope people take away the message that like success, spiritual growth is a journey not a destination. I would like readers to know that this isn’t about becoming sinless but rather reaching your highest level of humanity. Through that, we can love and serve one another exactly how God desires. This originally was a work for young women who show up to Sunday service but don’t have a relationship with God. I knew from my experiences early on, that young millennial women are very spiritual and desire much more from this life rather than just showing up to church.
As time went on I began to meet grown men and women who felt the same way so this book is for anyone. Anyone can experience that incredible amount of joy and fulfillment that comes from walking with Christ. This book shows you where to begin.

As an author myself, and a person who is active in ministry (teaching, outreach, etc.) I have come across some “old school” ways of looking at females positions in ministry. Have you come across any of this? If so, do you have any comments and/or advice to other women who have been called into active ministry?
I have actually. I noticed from the very beginning of my Christian walk that women were not given the same voice as men when it comes to ministry. The very first church I served in, if you were a woman your place was clear: kitchen, women’s ministry, decorating, day care, and teaching young children. If you were a female minister, you were married. I didn’t see young 20 something single women like myself answering the calls on their life in this way.
So, I really struggled with having a ministry like this because I always felt like in the church, in order for me to advance in my calling I had to have a husband otherwise, I wouldn’t be taken seriously.  After I left that church, I began to grow in my understanding that if God gives something to you, He has done so because He created YOU to do it. God will send the right people to you to help accomplish the task-what role they play in your life, only God knows.
It takes a tremendous amount of courage to take that leap of faith to pursue those God given dreams and once you take that first step, the rest just falls into place overtime. My best advice is to trust God, listen to God and make the leap. The rest will follow. Everything from God is tailor made for your growth and your personality, so fear nothing.

Aside from writing what are your other passions and hobbies?
I am very passionate about cooking for my parents.  I just recently began baking homemade dog treats for my dog Noah. I love reading, blogging, graphic design, art, and culture, all things feminine and connecting with other young people who desire more from this life.

What is next for you? 
I am currently revising How to Live a Fabulous Life in Christ and looking to relaunch a second edition before the year is up. I’m excited because the Lord has been here this whole journey and I am just delighted to share the wisdom I have gained from walking with Him.

Any last comments?
Hollie, thank you for having me and I pray many blessings over you, this blog and your endeavors.

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  1. This is an inspiration:) I need that encouragement. To just go and be leaded by God