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The Names of God Series : ELOHIM (GOD)

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Meaning and Derivation: Elohim is translated as "God." The derivation of the name Elohim is debatable to most scholars. Some believe it derived from 'êl which, in turn, originates from the root word, 'wl (which means "strong"). Others think that Elohim is derived from another two roots: 'lh (which means "god") in conjunction with 'elôah (which means "fear"). And still others presume that both 'êl and Elohim come from 'eloah. [BlueLetterBible]
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
Genesis 1:1

Never have I ever claimed to be a Hebrew scholar, I more-so write with the intent to bring hope to those with stories or snippets from my own walk. As such, for this name of God, I do so welcomely direct you to Blue Letter Bible , Hebrew 4 Christians, Abarim Publications or Let Us Reason for deeper study.

With only three names to go, I hope that you have enjoyed learning more about these monikers for the Creator, as much as I. 

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