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The Bible Project

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Howdy folks - 

Have you been living under a rock like me? Well, at least a Youtube boulder where you never really got into viewing on the regular and only just recently subscribed to your first few channels? 

It all started in support of my in-laws who are full-time RV nomads as I wanted to help them move their channel along Our Epic Field Trip. Pretty interesting (and breathtaking) videos for sure, and I am so happy for them to be on this journey after years dedicated to the corporate hussle. So I do recommend to check 'em out, but I return to the title of this post ... 

Have you all heard of The Bible Project? They are a 5-year-old Youtube channel with a mission, the best mission there is actually. As noted in their bio:
Our mission is to help people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus. We are a crowd-funded non-profit, creating videos that walk through the narrative of the Bible, book-by-book and theme-by-theme.  

I have checked out a few of their uploads and let me say, I AM HOOKED. I am renewed, I am excited, and I am feeling that this channel was just what I needed in order to speak to me at this point in my life, to get me off of this world and into the Word. Not sure if you have noticed, but humanity has gone a little crazy, and it has left me very disheartened on the daily. But alas JESUS IS EVERLASTING HOPE and nothing is going down that wasn't foretold, but still I am human. 

It is my hope that if you have not already been blessed by the creators of this wonderful outreach,  that you take a moment to watch their "about us" videos below and head over to their channel to check out something that sparks your interest about the greatest book ever. 

May you have a wonderful and fantastic day/night, and may the love and truth of Jesus live in your heart always. 


Hollie Marie 

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