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The Tunes of 2019 (According to my Spotify)

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“I bet you have Shonlock on there”, I boasted to my husband when he told me that Spotify had dropped our Top Songs of 2019. Well he didn’t, but I had him on mine twice! Music is quite important to me and entwined with my faith and daily life. The second tattoo I had inked actually represents a truth to me, that no matter how disconnected or lost I feel, without fail if I put on some tunes and start singing to God/about God/for God, my mindset changes and I am again realigned and refocused. Unfortunately, I also see what evil can be spread through music, so it is critical we not blindly “listen to a beat”, but pay attention to the words that are drifting into our ear canals.

Now from some definitely NOT evil, glory to God, get your praise and purpose on tunes, my top 10 most played tracks of 2019...

#10. Elevated by Citizen Way

#9. Amen by Matthew West

#8. I Got That by Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy

#7. Drop It by Viktory feat. Canon
*Fun fact: One of my favorite ever lyrics is in this song, “The hole in your soul can’t cover with makeup”.

#6. WaveWalker by Citizen Way feat. Bart Millard

#5. Lullaby by Shonlock 
*Fun fact: This song was on our wedding reception playlist. 

#4. Olympian by Propaganda

#3. Like Never Before by Nicole C Mullen
*Fun fact: This song was *also* on our wedding reception playlist. 

#2. Boomerang by Rapture Ruckus

#1. Stardust by Shonlock

Did you make it through them all, if so then, yes – you do now know I like the beats & bass! Not always, but while driving, solo .. default. 😊

What did your top 10 look like?

May you be strengthened in your faith, and may your light shine bright as you share the message of salvation and truth of Jesus to others!

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