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The Human Heart, Lives Set Apart

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The prophet Jeremiah, whose writings are quoted in snippets all over social media, had this full doctrine charge to say, well not he, but the Lord God used him to speak these words to the people (Judah), but is very applicable to us today. It establishes who we, the people are, in relation to a Holy and just God. One that is above our ways (Isaiah 55:8), yet we try to put Him in a box of our own design. 

This is one of the many places that bring up the deceit of humankind and our feeble see-saw nature. Examples are shown through-out the Bible, from Cain and Able to the Israelite nation wondering 40 years, to Judas. We are born into a fallen world and therefore born into sin. You don’t have to teach a child how to lie, it is a trait that we, as humans, seem to just pick up. Unchecked emotions and selfish-nature can cause “the best of us” to do something we would not have normally done in a clear headspace, and no one can deny it. Henceforth a “temporary insanity plea” would not even exist. Right?

This is one of the things that keep people from accepting the truth of the gospel. You/me/we may be considered good to a world around us and un-needing of a savior, but what does “being good” look like to this world, in our current time or place, when there is so much backwards in our society that is openly tolerated (abortion, racial injustice, the mockery of God, etc)?

We are not holy on our own accord, only the Trinity is, and He (the Father) sent His Son (Jesus Christ) to Earth (100% man, 100% God) to make a way back, so that He (the Father) might look upon us a holy (Hebrews 10:10).

The law was originally given to the Jewish people to set them apart and reveal their sins. The first of those laws, the Ten Commandments were given as an original moral guideline, since cultures were engulfed in ungodly practices, witchcraft, child sacrifices, and the list goes on.

When I look at my own life, I can see how even I allowed the good and evil switch to take hold at times, it always starts out small at first, but can have a nasty grasp if left unaddressed.

Do I say *awesome humans* and mean it? I do, we were all handcrafted and created by God, the same God that stitched together the universe, but we are in desperate need of a Savior to be reconciled back to Him.  

Do I say this to *trigger and upset you*? I write it in hope that if there is anyone whoever reads this that doesn’t have a personal relationship with Abba Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit of God, that it might lead them to that choice. Or strengthen believers in their own walk with the Trinity. There is so much false doctrine going around, and it is very important that we search the scriptures ourselves, and ask God for wisdom and guidance. 

The Bible is not all sunshine and roses, and yes, God is Love, but let us not forget about His plan, which does include all who oppose Him being sent to an eternal, never-ending, tormenting fire for all eternity. 

This is serious business and I do not know how much time any of us have left, but today is a great day, to accept Jesus Christ into your life, as King, Lord, and Savior, and start your own communion with the Trinity.

Love, peace, and blessings to you through the Savior, Jesus Christ. 💙

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