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In Christ Alone [Verse Blast]

By 6:42:00 PM

Image by Kranich17

Well sometimes things just do not work out as expected and my latest blog post was just that. 

Please accept my apologies for the multiple emails you may have received, formatting errors kept making the whole blog go wonky and I surmised it must have been the overall size of the original and then the broken down 4 parts still was causing an issue. To fix I have created a public Google doc with all I wanted to share. 

The original post was as follows:

 With over six-thousand Bible verse pins on my Pinterest board (In Christ Alone) that have been curated over a decade, I wanted to share some of those here. There are a lot of amazing text/typography/graphic/traditional artists and I enjoy *so much* sharing their content and Biblical scripture truth. 

I do hope you enjoy this collection, and it really was fun going back and revisiting some I haven't seen in years. 😊 However, it was hard to not ~add them all~ as count as of posting this is exactly 6,603 in total. Tee-Hee, seriously though the Bible is the word of God and the text within is quite AH-MAZ-ING! I attempted to link who created the image or where I received it, to give credit where credit is due. 

Above all, may God be glorified, and may the truth of the gospel be received by all the nations!

Curious as to what all images were curated? You can find them here

Peace, love, and blessings to you, through the Savior, Jesus Christ! 💙

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