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Love Is

*Love Is* is a mission effort, personal mantra, and movement set forth in May 2011 to spark a change in how we view our fellow man (focusing on those that are victim of homelessness and poverty stricken situations). It was brought about out of inspiration of John 15:12, on the truth that we are called to love one another as Christ loved us (all humankind included), regardless of belief, outward appearance, past history or current circumstance.  What is love? Well God is love (1 John 4:8), and you need to look no further than Romans 5:8. The goal is to help people in need, even in the simplest of fashion, to improve upon their life and simply show love.

The mission of *LoveIs* is to share the love of God, by sharing the Word of God and to show the Love of God through action. I invite you to embrace and carry for *LoveIs* in your own life to those that you meet. :)

*Love Is* a revolution *Crazy Enough* to work.




“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” John 15:12

Thank you for your support of this effort whether it be by monetary/good donations or even most importantly *PRAYER*!

Please note *LoveIs* is NOT an official registered organization or 501-C, it is ran solely off volunteer funding and donations at this time. 

Extended Outreach
(Because there is always someone, somewhere that needs YOUR help!)


Covenant House GA 

Atlanta Mission

Comfort Socks (Interview with Founder Theresa Tese)

Persecuted Believers 

The Voice of the Martyrs

Sexual Exploitation/Other 

Red Thread Movement (Anti Human Trafficking Slavery for women of Nepal)

StreetGRACE (Galvanizing Resources Against Child Exploitation / based in Norcross, GA)

Mocha Club (various causes such as sexual exploitation, clean water, education and health care for Africans)

To Write Love On Her Arms (help with people struggling with depression, addiction, suicidal thoughts and self abuse)

Land Of A Thousand Hills Coffee (Drink Coffee, Do Good)