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Guest Post (VBS) - In the words of Satan by The Arrows

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A must watch music video about the father of lies by The Arrows Band. :)

Disclaimer :: it could be considered visually explicit depending upon the viewer, so just wanted to put this as a warning of sorts - The reality of the movie, does not decrease in value because of the honesty it conveys, SIC!  <3

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  1. That was absolutely wonderful! I understand the disclaimer, however shoking some of the clips may have been it is indeed the reality that we have been fed! Very good work! Keep it up, PLEASE!!!

  2. Well thank you <3 Though I cannot claim credit for the video, I can say that the postings will be kept up for sure, as such. It is interesting, as doubt did swell "should I post the video", due to the nature of the images, but then realized we have really (or the majority of us) have seen images previously like that, either intentionally or non - just in perhaps a different context. Thank you very much for the encouragement and I hope you have a blessed day/week! *Praise & glory be to God*