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*LoveIs* - 3.11.12

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*LoveIs* living for Jesus regardless of your circumstances and how it compares to anyone else. It is boldy declaring that there is but One God, who sent His son to die on behalf of EVERYONE's sin and being led by the Spirit daily, showing that love to others.  

Just want to say THANKS GOD for not having the square blow up yesterday after the dry-cleaners caught on fire! You would have almost LOL'd at the sight though, there were like 7 fire trucks out there .. only 1 person tried to pass them all and thankfully they were not hurt (from what I know). In a true lol moment though, as it was on a bit nipper side yesterday am in GA and it seemed brother Dewey and I cooked SO MUCH FOOD, the sounds made even more people come out and get fed. 

Prayer request goes out for Jimmy (the other co-brother-leader) who went to the hospital last week (emergency room) for high blood pressure. Seems that it is back under control now, so thank You Father for that. 

Praise report goes to the Father for three of the members who now have housing, two with (known) jobs and the one which was a victim of addiction is also clean! 

Hope all has a super great week, sic <3 

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