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Guest Post - Good (Morning) Friday by Shaun

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Ok, so nope, not a traditional video posting, but when tumbling this AM I came across the below and just felt led to share it. Why? Perhaps the purity of the writing, the honest heartfelt gratitude it conveys for the most important act in the history of EVER! You can follow Shaun on his tumblr or check him out on twitter

As posted on my twitter this AM "Without the death & resurrection of Jesus, face it, we'd all be headed straight 4 hell" (because lets face us, none of us could keep up with the OT Laws)

SiC <3 [[Happy Resurrection Celebration Weekend To All]]

Good (morning) Friday.

So, I’m heading off to Switzerland in about half an hour until next Sunday.
don’t get me wrong, I am excited for skiing, however;
I am more overwhelmed by the love of a Father so enamoured with me that He sent his Son to die on a cross so that I might have eternal life.
Jesus didn’t even know me personally, and yet he still hung there and endured the scorn of man. While on that cross, the true weight of sin was placed upon Jesus’ shoulders - not a heavy heart from telling a little white lie, or guilt from a lustful and impure thought, but the culmination of every wrongdoing that ever occurred, and each one yet to come…and not just mine, but yours.
That is the price he paid when he shed his oh so blameless blood, my friends.
If that is not due reason to be humbled and grateful this morning in spite of whatever your circumstances may be,

then I don’t know what is.
We are loved.
We are blessed.
We are His.

Thank you Jesus, for the price you paid for me that day. ♥

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