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WaxNotNeeded - Servation Nation [For One and All]

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Ok – Ok so we have ALL heard a message on serving others right? About how it is not about you, but the one (or ones) you are serving and how it is commanded of us as children of God to serve our fellow man. Well, I would venture to say that this mostly true, however when you serve you do get something in return. It may be a content feeling, a kind word of thanks or God may one day reward you and though you think you will be volunteering for a trash duty job at a sold-out concert, turns out to be a “dream come true” instead. Likewise, there can be some negative aspects, as not always will 100% of the people will be ok with you and what you are doing. I am reminded of the first time I served food to the homeless. It wasn’t with *LoveIs*, but with another organization and as I am very giggly by nature, one of the recipients in the serving line was not all to happy with my demeanor. Harsh words were exchanged on his part, but alas it does come with the territory. Yet, more often than not, when you serve, you allow yourself to be open to the human race, and in turn they fill a space within you. It feels good to know that you have done good, by giving someone else good. You know?

Now of course, this by no means beckons people to go out among the masses and do things in the physical sense, where your heart is not at in the spiritual sense (aka all for the glory of being "seen" by other people). Do not go serve and expect something massive thing in return, as that is when you may get nothing other than being frustrated with the experience. God knows our hearts, He knows why we do the things we do, say the things we say and be the way we are. Yet, if you truly have a heart open to helping others and are obedient, God will reward that – I saw that last night.

Now, please do not get me wrong, I LOVE working in Little 5 Points, that is my mission; that is my calling; that is the “core” ministry that God has set in my heart for me to do. As I have mentioned before (and will undoubtedly mention again) to be able to give to people in need full-time, would be just the sprinkles on the proverbial cupcake of my life. Yet last night another dream came true and I truly believe it was a reward from God (and I am thankful to all who made this possible on "Earth terms"). ;)

So what exactly happened? Well I, a lover of concerts, attendee of many, got the chance to serve at a merchandise table for the “Welcome To The Well” tour featuring Casting Crowns, Matthew West, Royal Taylor and Lindsey McCaul. It has ALWAYS been a dream of mine to work at a merch table, ever since the first time I bought a band tee. Did I know before going in I would be working there? No, I honestly thought I would be on trash duty or some other type of dirty job. When the volunteer coordinator (for lack of a better term at this time) told me as I signed in I would be working at the merch table, I wanted to fall on my knees in front of everyone (however I opted for a silent prayer instead). For a sold out show, which estimated around 7,000 people (from one count I heard), I got to do something I had always wanted to do – serve merch. It was a chance of getting to know people in both an close encounter (we had roughly 8 – 10 people working our section of tables, 2 identical sections were sat up) and communing with others are they were about to, in the middle of or had experienced the show. What a blessing it was! I say just that because I am simply speechless to an extent. Having chats with one man who was there due to a gift from his mother, so he was buying her a shirt in return – to speaking to a lady, who was worried her payment wouldn’t go through, but it did, so we thanked God for allowing her the chance to worship on her drive back - to a mom who treated her daughters whole barrage of friends to tour T’s - to having a group discussion on patience and how God will teach it to you one way or the other (when the wireless credit card machines were a bit slow) – to exchanging quips with a boss-dog roadie who undoubtedly has been in the game so long, there wouldn’t be time enough to hear all the stories he could share. With all the experiences of this 6 hour event tallied up and written down it would probably be considered on par with a short novel, so for there I will stop, but you get the drift.

While yes serving is not about “being served”, but turning yourself over to others, you undoubtedly will get something in return to. So why do I say all of this? Because if you have never served anyone else ever, I humbly suggest that one day you do. You will simply be amazed of what an impact YOU can have on the life of another human being. Not sure on how to serve, basic way I define is “serving is anything where you fill a need whereas commonly that need would go unfilled, have to be asked to be filled or performing an action that would make someone elses life a little less stressful”. Perhaps you are saying, well ma’am that could be just about anything… well you would be very much correct there. Just think though, shouldn’t be so hard for you to find an opportunity now, should it?

Be Beautiful – Be You – Be Love 

You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love. For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Galatians 5:13-14

Dear Heavenly Father, We thank You for not only counting us worthy enough to be redeemed back to You through the pure blood and Resurrection of Your Son, Jesus Christ, but yet to also be used as tools - as vessels of your graciousness, love and kindness to others here on Earth. We pray that we all genuinely grasp what exactly it means to say "I have the Holy Spirit inside of me". This is not some empty calorie or temporary "good feeling", yet it is YOUR Spirit, the Spirit of the Almighty Creator allowing us - guiding us - comforting us along this journey called life. We thank You Father, Son & Spirit - Trinity in One and Trinity apart for all that has, is and will take place. May we align ourselves closer to Your will, as to not be a roadblock in the middle of it (either for ourselves or another). In the name Yeshua we pray ><>

SiC <3

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