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WaxNotNeed - Plugged In [A Semi Matrix Kind Of Life]

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It was either Andy Stanley or Tony Nolan who once tweeted something along the lines of, “teach from your own shortcomings and you will never run out of material”. How true this statement is! During Memorial weekend I said to my mother, “I feel if someone has read my devotionals through-out the years, then they know me. I can recall the exact feeling - the experience which was about when I reread past writings that led me to share such. I have never much been one for outright personal testimonies, but in their own right, the writings are such”.

To God be the glory.

Without the recollection of Paul’s testimonies and life changing experience, I feel in part I would be a different person. Commonly I speak and write of him as a leading example of God’s true forgiveness and grace, remarking to how if one can make a complete 180 from mass hunting and killing Christians to living on the run FOR God, who are we to say we cannot be used? Right? Even David, who was truly the apple of God’s eye, made a very bad choice one day and allowed lust to shatter his focus, yet God still loved him and did not just throw him out with the tide. Jesus befriended a prostitute and saved her from death, as it is here He remarked, “Ye without sin, cast the first stone”.

Through the Bible we are taught of God’s grace, love and sufficient nature for our lives. We see examples of people “like us”, who stumble and fall, yet are again redeemed or not, depending upon their ultimate choice (repentance or continuation).  We are given an example by the upmost High, who came in the form of a little baby boy, to how which we might live, love and honor God. Yet how many of us actually spend time reading the word of God? If you believe, like I know to be truth, the book is more than just stories and words upon a page; it is the handpicked and chosen collection, straight from God. We spend countless hours on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, G+, YouTube and various other sites, while reading one or two verses (or even a chapter) of the Bible before bed and count it a job well done.


Is God a different God from the time of David, Paul and Mary? No, but we are different “children”. Where as the one thing they cherished, spending time with God, meditating on His word, we seem to have traded it in for … well, an idol in the form of electronic entertainment and vapid information.

Of course you may be saying, “Well Hollie, aren’t you in fact on the majority of the sites listed and are you  not in fact posting on an online blog”? Yep, truth to be told and let me just say don’t think something I write isn’t applied back to me in some fashion (henceforth the start of this entry), nor did I say “burn all the computers, iPhones and PS3’s”, keep calm and read on.

So how do we become more like David – Paul – Mary and Jesus in our insta-age? It’s simple; literally allot more of your time to God. Sure, you may work a combined 9 hour day including getting grub … perhaps pop your headphones in and listen to some sermons, read the Bible on your lunch break … likewise to and from work put on some Godly tunes (might I suggest the new The Hurt & The Healer CD by MercyMe, it is amazing) and get your vocal praise on … turn off the computer, video game, etc for an hour at home and straight up read and meditate upon the word of God, keep a prayer journal or even wake up a few minutes early to start your day off by reading some of the “good book”. Do you know that there are people that read the entire Bible (yes, entire Bible) every year? Heck, I am twenty eight years old – have been reading the Bible since I was a tot and I don’t even know if I have read every verse there is in there. Of course, those are just some of my own starter suggestions, surely if you start with one God will begin to lead you with all He would have you to do. :)

Dear Father,
Thank You for giving us Your word, that it might bring in us wisdom, contentment and peace. May You bring upon an awakening of Your people Lord. May we see where we are, where You have brought us from and where this world is headed. May we read and study Your word so that we might know Your promises and may we CLING to them. We are sorry Father God for putting things in front of You, filling our lives with things “of the world”, instead of giving due focus on Your will for our lives. We pray for the peace of Israel Father and for all those who are (and will be) persecuted because of Your name. In the name of Yeshua, ><>

SiC <3

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