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WaxNotNeeded / *LoveIs* - C:C:C:Combo 5.6.12

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This is probably the first of many to come, but a combination of the “WaxNotNeeded” devotional and the *LoveIs* ministry updates. As it is written below, is in general how it was spoke for the people who attended today.

In Ezekiel 3:17-21 God spoke to Ezekiel and charged Him to carry out His will by letting the people (house of Israel) know they were in the wrong. We all have one thing in common, well we have many things, but this is something we all could do without. What is it? Biased opinions and judgments based on our own past and that which has been taught to us. Everyone has them, but yet we are called to not judge others, as it states in Matthew 7:1-2.

Who alone knows what is right and wrong for every person? God, so let Him be the one to determine in a person’s life what they should change, not you. Of course, as Christians we do get the general basis of good and evil, but does that discernment not more so come from the Holy Spirit then from ourselves? What used to be right, now is wrong and what used to be wrong, is now right. Prime example? Speaking about God. Who ever thought that we would see the day when prayer was taken out of school. When people were asked to keep quiet about their faith and trust in Jesus, rather than boldly proclaim it and have group discussions that Honor the Creators name.

So do not go upon one another, based off of your own thoughts and feelings, but allow God to work – allow God to be the judge of your fellow man and PRAY FOR THEM. For if someone is doing something you find wrong (let’s say drinking, example only as it is one that is debated among the denominations), but yet it is written that we are ALL sinners – and if all sin is on the same level to God, well … we are pretty much all in the same boat eh? Can I get an AMEN for GRACE? Judgment divides people. Judgment created (to some degree) the many, many denominations and various “sects” all under the title of Christianity. Judgment as it is written, is better to be left in the hands of the perfect One, for He has no blame – nor basis of self-righteousness, He is put pure good. 

Does this mean to say that if God has placed on your heart to speak to a person about something that is “unclean” in their life you ignore Him? By no means, as it is what Ezekiel was called to do, but GOD told him to do it, He did not go about it on his own accord.


Recollection, shared words and show-n-tell from Little 5 Points today ->

Don't allow ANYONE to get in your way for what you are called to do for God. Sometimes in can be the same people who are called to stand by your side that won't understand 100% what you have been called to do.

Don't sweat the petty stuff! 

Hand Made Palm Frond Cross w/ Rose, a
gift from a nice young lady (aka SISTER IN CHRIST)
who attends the Sunday gatherings. 

Dear Heavenly Father, 
We come to You today to thank you for another day. Thank You for each breath You allow us to breathe. May we use that breathe to carry out Your will and be a leading example to others. May we cling to You during all times and thank You continuously for all which You have done. In the name of Jesus ><>

SiC <3

[Disclaimer on above post :: Please note I am in NO WAY saying to negate Biblical doctrine, this is more so about personal viewpoints learned over the years in which "may not be" Biblical doctrine. I mean in years past there were movements against how "all rock music" was satanic .. sorry but there is nothing satanic about Project 86 or Demon Hunter, they ROCK OUT with their CROSS OUT for the Almighty with EPIC drum beats, angelic vocals and superb guitar riffs] 

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