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*LoveIs* - 6.24.12

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35 cans were collected at Rock The Box, plus an unexpected surprise from a co-worker of toothbrushes and toothpastes. 

Thanks to those who donated and help raise awareness for the cause (past, present & future), such as The 7 Venue, Demon Hunter, The Great Commission, A Bullet For Pretty Boy, Your Memorial, Sleeping Giant and Mr Marty. Thanks be to God seeing it through and for putting it on my heart to reach out to the Venue, admittedly I was a bit hesitate when it came upon me to do so.   

It was in need for sure this a.m. due to some last minute happenings/changes, as such please keep Brother Dewey in your prayers.

Just a little note, don't forget to show compassion even in the simplest way. Such was shown to me in recent days just a seemingly simple conversation, by an unknown person - in a place once wouldn't perhaps expect, but as a result of this, well something(s) been forever changed. Ah[God]mazing. :)

May you each go through-out this week showing love to one another, bringing the glory of God down, while you act in His will. 

SiC <3

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