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A Noteworthy Ramble on Forgiveness v 2

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So, who would be your favorite biblical person (aside from Jesus of course)? Mine would have to be Paul, of course if you have read some of the other devotionals or have been reading for a while, you may have picked up on that or even seen me say it before.  Hooray repeating and consistency!

Continuing on, while browsing upon the great social network invention Pinterest I saw a pin which was most disheartening to me. It read “Your God-fearing Facebook updates do not cause me to forget the godless –bleep- you were in high school”.  Ouch. Well someone woke up on the wrong side of life when they wrote that. Thank goodness that God doesn’t hold onto hatred like that or we’d all be doomed eh? Of course, dear person who wrote this, I am going on a limb and say you aren’t a God-fearing person now or you wouldn’t be showing hate like that on someone anyways. So, prays for you and all the people who ripped it along the way. 

So was I personally a “Godless” anything during high school? Nope not really (but I didn't have no halo over my head either), but I mean I can say without a doubt my walk now is stronger than it was back then (and common sense), so with all that one becomes a different person over time (with all the great additional ups and downs of life thrown in). Yet why must we remember things in ourselves and others that God has forgotten and that should be (us) /is (God) forgiven? Insert pseudo psychological evaluation but it is some sadistic means of torture I think, we already know that the evil one can play nasty tricks with our mind (bringing up memories we’d rather keep buried) and when he can’t win (or even when he does) at succeeding to cave into our torment, he extends our gaze to those around us. THIS is why I like Paul, time and time again, if God can love + use for His glory + betterment of ALL mankind a super mega killer of believers than ANYONE can be forgiven of what they have done / may do.  BAM! 

So yes, you may have lied with every movement of your tongue or had an adulterous span or you may have cheated someone out of money or even killed someone (or any of number of things you can think of), but guess what … you haven’t done ANYTHING that is too far out of reach that the GRACE OF GOD cannot find you and FORGIVE you for YOUR SINS if you believe.  And once they are washed away, they are done. You are made WHITE AS SNOW and God does not remember your transgressions

That’s truth. So let go and let God; not only of your own transgressions, but others as well. We live in a world that is FILLED with hate, what we need is a whole lot of PURE, TRUE, UNCHANGING LOVE for one another up in this space.

Be You. Be Beautiful. Be Love.

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Dear Heavenly Father,
We come to you tonight and THANK YOU for forgiveness. We deserve not on our accord, but through the death and resurrection of Your son, the Perfect One, Jesus Christ. By whom alone ALL men come to You or they don’t come at all. May You remove the hatred from our hearts, minds and lives Father. Fill us with peace, love and understanding. Have us act towards others, as You act towards us. We thank You for all things. In Jesus name, ><>

SiC <3

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