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Saving Grace [A Flyleaf Restatement]

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If I dared to give anything aside from jubilant praises for the latest Flyleaf album, “New Horizon’s” I should have my tongue cut out for complete disobedience of self. 

Okay, I have spent the last week reading the Hunger Games trilogy, so yes I would turn myself into a metaphorical avox.

It is a WONDERFUL album and it must be told (everyone should own it).

I was drawn to purchase this album first and foremost because the title track that was released a several weeks before the album itself. It simply just drew me in with some upgraded lyrically hidden secret and a wonderful video to boot. Of course, when the album was released, the bomb was dropped and it was announced that Lacey Sturm was leaving the band. Le sigh. To say I was a little disappointed would be an understatement, as I have never had a chance to see them live, but alas should-a, would-a, could-a.

As with all of the other Flyleaf albums, the vibrant tracks are infused with real life circumstances, state of the world addresses, personal battles and laced with the unmistakable mark of Spirituality.

Albeit not my intention to make this some sort of track-by-track album review, I would rather focus on one song particular. I cannot for the life of me, pick a favorite track – it changes from day to day or depending on my mood, or taken into consideration of what I am doing when the particular song gets blasted through my ear buds. Though there is one track, Saving Grace, which well speaks to a part of me that has always been and will also be …

Grace has been a theme I have been studying for a little over three months now and something I think we all struggle with is the duality between our earthly selves and that which we are called to be in Christ. As we are told in 2 Corinthians, we are new beings once saved, yet admittedly we still have to face this world every day, but likewise, we are made new in Christ every day. Sure, you might only make a profession of faith by water baptism once, but daily we are called to pick up our cross and follow Jesus. The grace that has saved us all, should we chose to accept it, is not just a one-time thing, it is an every day-forever thing. 

Grace can be translated into simply the love of God, the love of the Son and the love of the Spirit for us. 

As elementary as it is states with the chorus:
Save me grace
I'm sick of saving face
Will You hold me close?
You're all I want to know

Such plain words, grouped together in such a way to make sense of all that we are and all that we should be.

We are sinners, saved by grace, who desire to be purely loved and are called to live for Him alone.

May you enjoy your week, be a blessing to those you meet and have a quiet moment perhaps to reflect on what it is you want to know in this life.  

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