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Christmas Possible: 2013 - Let Your LOVE Shine!

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Happy Friday Everyone! Here is hoping your week was lovely,and that if you do “celebrate” Valentine’s Day, that is was a delight (yes I ama week later, but whateves).

We have had almost two months off now from the event that isknown as Christmas Possible, and now it is time to start thinking about theevent for 2013. Yet again, we will be serving on Christmas Eve at the Covenant House in Atlanta, GA. This year we have decided to do a Mexican Christmas, andare looking to have it catered from Moe’s. Since the kid count is expected tobe over 100 this year, we felt itbest to go this route. We are currently thinking of ideas of how to raise moneyfor the food and/or perhaps have the food donated or given at a discount (contact hasbeen made, phone chat pending – squee!).   Due to the generosity of a friend and his family, we will now be having a fresh off the grill BBQ!

Due to the increased cost of food, we are looking fordonations of a little bit different kind this year, rather than doing a whiteelephant game, which want to supply “care bags” to all that are in attendance,as such, there is a need for such items like (for both girls and boys): 

Lotion [travel size lotion qty filled]
Hairbrush / Combs
Shaving Cream
Toothbrush / Toothpaste
Perfume / Cologne 

However, not to discourage, anything and everything donatedwill be given to the shelter  - this isjust our central focus for this year’s event. Efforts will begin shortly oncontacting companies for product donations, should any of you contacted viaemail be reading this, we do graciously hope that you will join with us in ourefforts. 

If you are interested in helping out and/or donating pleasecontact me, all donations (goods and funds) are tax deductible and you will beprovided a receipt.

As always, please keep this event in your prayers, it is themost important thing we can do, in order to make is a success!

To God be the glory and thank you all kindly! 

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