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Christmas Possible:2012 Recap

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First off, THANK YOU for everyone who helped with this effort, either by praying, donating time, donating money, donating goods or a combination of those items listed. I have heard back from Kellie and she said the kids had a BLAST, said that it was their “best meal ever” and they are still talking about how good it was! As likewise said that evening, thanks be to God for making it all possible.

Due to the amazing generosity of all who helped we were able to do the following:

Southern Buffett Dinner
(for 31 kids/6 staff)
Fried Chicken + Yams + Mashed Potatoes + Gravy + Mac n’ Cheese + Green Beans + Corn + Rolls + Fudge + Sugar Cookies + Sweet Tea + Pink Lemonade

Christmas Eve Gifts
(for 31 kids/6 staff, staff got surprised with gift cards =D)

Sweaters, shirts, wallets, purses, group games, and various miscellaneous items for opening on Christmas Morning (or newcomer gifts)

Outfitted 8 beds (4 boys / 4 girls) with all new bedding and pillows

The evening of CP:12 was more magical than I could ever have imagined. While I was pretty much running around like a chicken with my head cut off I can say that the youth there were just splendid! It was truly a delight when a few of the youth sang for us, and when I heard one of the volunteers ask, “Do you paint” to one of the youth who had received one of the acrylic kits for their “surprise gift” said, “Not yet, but now that I have this I will learn”, I melted!

Aside from just serving the youth and the staff at the Covenant House, one of my joys was seeing all of the volunteers come together. Not to mention, we had a family who donated their time and efforts that was made up of three generations. You can truly see their lights for the Lord beaming from miles away! 

However, you don’t have to take my word for it, here is some additional notes from some of the lovely volunteers that night:

“My experience at the homeless shelter was great because I got to help people. I know that I need to be grateful for what I get and have. It was nice to share with people who have less than I. I know that I am blessed.” – Ameira (age 10)

“I am fortunate to know an amazing young lady that shares herself so openly with others and organized CP:12.  I’ve done different volunteer work in the past but nothing like this event.  Experiencing the joy that this event brought to the many young adults who attended was a precious gift to my husband and me.   I had many of them come up to me and thank me for their gifts or hug me and tell me how much they appreciated the meal.  What a wonderful feeling knowing you made a difference in their Christmas.  One young man loved the Christmas cookies I’d baked so much that he asked for a takeout container so that he could take the rest of them home with him.   He left two just in case someone else still wanted one. =D  To think that these young adults may never have had such a treat really brings home how lucky we are to have loving family and friends.” – Lisa

The following companies also helped out with the efforts, so MANY thanks to Canvas By U (who did a painting party, presents and supplied 50 new mattresses), Publix (gift card aka chicken masters), Fifth Group Restaurants (gift card), LegalSea Foods (gift card) and Rack Room Shoes (gift card). 

God is good, ALL THE TIME

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