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[My] Grateful Trio

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Over the past few weeks, I have been inquiring to a few people what are the three things they are most thankful for in their life right now. I asked this question, because it is something I myself have been pondering, likewise I am curious and it is a great conversation starter. Perhaps this was all some inner self “see how far you have come” in honor of my 29th birthday (which is now passed, so you all rest as I won’t be mentioning it in another blog for a while – ha), but I have firmly planted my feet on the following, which as my diddy so complimentarily put it two weeks ago, “I am just amazed, as I watch you talk, you are not the girl I raised. You have changed so much, I am more than proud of you” (all be thanks to the glory of God for that change).

Of course this may seem on the surface as a total suck up response, but I truly do mean it. I believe that what is written here is true, I believe that there is, but one way to heaven and I believe that with out God your life is pretty much worthless (in the capacity of ‘will it count for anything after this age is done’, but yes are beings are of worth, lest Jesus wouldn't have died for us .. just for clarification). So yes, because of this, it is the #1 thing I am grateful for. Without my salvation, well to be honest, I surely believe I would be dead right now.

You have heard me say it before, “by blood or by water” (if not then I'm going to venture to say you have not yet read the book), which just simply speaks on how God can bring people into our lives, that while not may be related by blood, still are as close as if you were carried around in the womb together (or likewise if they had given birth/fathered you). The relationships for family/friends can be a lifetime, a prolonged journey or just for a season, but with these encounters we are molded into who we are. They are the people who continuously hope for your well being, hold you up in prayer, and supply a much needed shoulder to cry on in times of trouble.

If you do not know God, you do not know true love, as it is written in 1 John 4:8. Likewise, if you do not know how to love like Jesus, you do not know how Jesus loves you. Over the past two years of my life, I have experienced first-hand how Jesus loves us and I cannot imagine my life being any different now. Through the outreach of myself to others, I have realized how He has reached out to me, how to not be so apt to try to reach for perfection (as it totally doesn’t exists), nor to throw myself in a whirlwind to due a fall (sin) or to cast myself apart from people, because I have some (unjustified) thought that I am “too weird”. Likewise, as it has been shown to me quite recently, through learning to love like Jesus, I actually came upon what may be my own love language (serving/acts of service/serving together). Which admittedly comes as both as a little shock and very welcomed revelation. Perhaps other people have seen this in me all along, and it just took some extra steps toward expressing God’s love wholeheartedly to everyone, without regard for appearance, past failures or current circumstance (etc) for me to embrace it myself.

May you each examine take a moment to examine the things that you are most grateful for. Reflect on the things that God has given to you, think about where you are and where you have come from, rejoice that one day (should you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior) you will be able to bask in His radiance and live out eternity in peace and harmony with “all creation”. 

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