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Until the End of the Age by Gina B.

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When Gina first published this on her blog, Fanning His Flame, back in December I knew I wanted to share it here, but alas the blog was on break so I had to exercise some patience. I hope that it speaks to you like it did to me. May you continue to grow in God, dollface. You are such an inspiration and light to those around you! 

Until the End of the Age

The faces of the children & teachers that were victims of last week’s tragedy in Connecticut are still fresh in our minds. The events have caused an array of different emotions & efforts. Fear has crept in. Parents are contemplating homeschool & demanding higher security measures. Citizens are demanding more gun control. These efforts are born from our desperation for an answer to the question: Why did this happen? 
One of the recent popular assumptions is that this happened because prayer has been removed from our schools & government. Everytime I see that statement in my newsfeed on Facebook, or hear it in conversation, my spirit cringes. The intent behind the thought is good, but the result of the statement goes against the very core of our beliefs. By saying that the reason that we encounter these tragedies is because of some (not all) people’s decision to not include God in school/government is ludicrous. In an effort to convict people to turn back to God, it is actually turning people away from God. This statement says to people, “Because your country voted differently, God has left you. You are alone.”
Which is not the case.
My God is not the leaving kind. He is not easily moved. In fact, He is steadfast & promises not to ever leave me or forsake me. He promises to not only prepare me for the fiery trials I face, but to walk with me through the fire. If my God takes care of the sparrows and ensures that they are fed, will He not surely take care of me? His Word says that He is my shield, my strength, my Defender. That He commands His angels concerning my every move. 
Scripture does say that if His people would only cry out to Him & repent, He would heal their land. But God will not throw His people to the wolves. His eye searches the earth for the heart that His after His own, and His sheep know His voice. The Shepherd will leave His flock of 99 to look for the lost one. The fact is, we live in a fallen world. There have always been horrific crimes and acts. Have they gotten worse? Yes. Will they get worse? Yes. These are the birth pains of the Kingdom of God coming and the end of the age. The enemy is on a joyride until Jesus comes back.  The one event that comes to my mind strongly is the Holocaust. The worst mass murder of all. This happened prior to our country’s current decisions. He wants us to think we are alone and without hope. We cannot let ourselves be fooled and latch onto someone else’s assumption that God has left us. We have not been, nor will we ever be on our own. If you are a child of God, you are in the shelter of His wings. He will gather us up prior to the tribulation and then we will reign with Him on the earth! These are all promises of our God. We must not forget them when tragedies occur. 
Would it be in our country’s best interest to turn back to God to be fully blessed? Yes. Scripture clearly states that disobedience and sin have consequences. 
Does our God forget His people because of their leader’s decision? No. 

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