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Freedom & Awakened by Gina Burpee

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I do want to send first my heartfelt apologies for being a bit of a "slacker" as of late with writing for the blog (and book #2). Though details will not be shared, I can say that I have been graced with a lot of new material for both, so stay tuned, for writing has not been forgotten! As such, I know how you all enjoy reading the writing by my good friend Gina, so here I give you her latest posting and her first vlog testimony. May you be blessed by her words! 


There is a vast difference between the freedom the world offers you & the freedom Christ offers when we submit to Him. The world’s freedom sounds enticing, thrilling…even comfortable. It gives the permission to do as you please without the afterthought of heaven. It doesn’t pause to weigh the consequence of the moment. The freedom the world offers is temporary bliss. Jesus extends to us a different type of freedom. The freedom from sin…the freedom from guilt…the freedom from death. Nothing else compares. The two choices of freedom have two completely different sources. One is the Lover of your soul & one is the enemy of your soul. The enemy disguises himself as the good guy, promising his way will be more enjoyable and pleasurable. This is deception at it’s finest. Jesus is clear in His message to us, with no deception & no ulterior motives. He promises Paradise…spiritual riches…His presence…but we must surrender ourselves. He is clear that while we are here, we will join in His suffering. He’s doesn’t try to sugarcoat it. But satan will lie through his teeth to make you believe that there is no life after death, that there is no punishment for living as you please. His goal is to keep you blind and in your sin. Who will you surrender to?


The Holy Spirit led me to share what was on my heart and what He has done in my life. Hope it blesses and encourages you!

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