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Stone Face

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Admittedly, I do not know the specific inspiration for the bonus song *I Am A Stone* on True Defiance by Demon Hunter. However, what I do know is that it is a wonderful track, which sparks several relevancies within myself. With its seemingly simplistic vocabulary lined up aside one another, laced on-top of magnificent instrumentals – it paints a pure and potent picture, which announces “You [it] will not be given power over me!” It is (by comparison) not a typical D.H. song, but I think the almost classical-rock-opera mash up delivery makes the message even more powerful. Ryan C almost beckons you to “dare” question him, as he calmly speaks softly the truth of the matter, all the while staring through your eye sockets into the very depths of your being!

Often we may just mind-numbingly recite the words to a given song without thinking about a deeper meaning, and one thing I do appreciate about Demon Hunter's lyrics are that they are so much more than "just words". You can read a review of the entire album thanks to JesusFreakHideout here

To bring the post back to a devotional level (not just listener praises - ha) I would like to extend to you not one, but two blocks of verses, that you can read upon your own leisure, which to me, relates back to the message of this song (definitely adds to it). The noted verses are Philippians 4:10-13 and Romans 8:1-39

Dear Father,
We humbly come before you and THANK YOU for all that you have done. Though we might not always say it, thank you for simply loving us. Thank you for taking care of us, even when we think you aren't there. May our flame grow for You Lord, may we grow in our willingness to speak out You - to share and show Your message of hope and love to all we meet. May we cling to You, as YOU are the rock that lives within us, You are the true unshakeable One. May we each seek to do Your will, in the precious name of Jesus Christ we pray, ><>.

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