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Hope, Hypocrisy and a Hallelujah

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This month I received quite the blessing, as you may or may not have seen yet, Loved + Blessed (a monthly faith based subscription box), included a copy of 31 Rays of Hope this month. To say that I am grateful, excited, and humbled does not begin to cover it. I am in awe of what the box is doing for people across the world, and I am joyous and expecting that the words penned in the book will inspire hope, and foster a better connection with the Creator of the world to those who read it. I’m an actual subscriber to Loved + Blessed, and surely do recommend you check it out for $10/month as a lovely little pick me up and truth reminder of His word. Not to mention a portion of the proceeds from the box go to helping the homeless (bonus!).

Growing up I was always told a hypocrite was one who “said one thing, and did another”. Quite the blanket statement, but as believers, we could all be grouped into this category, even-though we are continuously eager to be more aligned and in step with the Perfect One. Right?

I mean the biblical moral advice that we give to others, may always be more on point than what we do in our own lives. Eh? Recently, I heard a preacher as to go so far, as this is one of the reasons we should keep personal opinions and advice to ourselves, lest we don’t look like such. I’ve even gone so far as to say to friends after hearing that, do you want to know what it seems is the best option or what I would probably do that isn’t the best way … how about I just share both (as admittedly I have had no problem spewing commentary in the past). Now I find myself sometimes just telling them (who are believers) to seek God for the answer because He ultimately knows better than I, and I honestly don’t want to be included in the Matthew 23 version of the word. Alas, as Paul shares in Romans 7 we can all be a bit backwards at times. 

Broken Hallelujah by phasingirl on DeviantArt

But even so the first topic washes over the second and breaks way into a hallelujah, as in Christ alone our hope is found! There is an abundance of grace, forgiveness, mercy and love awaiting everyone all thanks to the Creator of the world, shown through the actions of His Son, and through the comfort of His Spirit, and just the  mere fact that we all taking another breathe in the very moment.

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble.
But take heart! I have overcome the world."
John 16:33

May you take a moment this morning, regardless of where you are – what you are doing, just to simply thank Him for all that He has done, is doing, and will do. May peace rule in your life today, and may you be engulfed in His love, apt to show that same love to others. As believers we not only have the answer(s) to this life, but the key to life here-after, for all eternity. Thanks be to Jesus, for by Him alone we are saved and it is in His name we pray.

Now enjoy these bonus tracks that have been blaring through my speakers as of late!


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