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Theresa Tese - Founder of Comfort Socks

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It is with a warm heart that I am able to interview Theresa Tese, founder of Comfort Socks, whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for about two years. She is without a doubt a faithful and humble servant of Christ who has a sincere heart for helping those affected by homelessness. As such thank you Theresa for allowing me this opportunity! I hope you are doing well, and for those who have never heard of Comfort Socks before, I wanted to start off by sharing your video from the website. 

So, as a distributor of donated goods, what importance would you place on community to your organization, as well as, the well being of society as a whole?
Community is important for support to our cause. Local sock drives contribute largely to our sustainability. We also appreciate our national supporters. We couldn’t accomplish our goals without those who understand in their hearts, the importance of socks.

On the website you do go into detail about how Comfort Socks came about in the Our Story section, which reads as a true testimony of faith, calling, and a new life through/in Jesus. As you have almost 7 years under your belt, as an incorporated entity, how would you compare where you are now vs. then (as a company and personally)?
Some aspects of the ‘then and now’ have remained the same (the vision, the drive, the excitement of the mission). The NOW is a deeper relationship with what helping the broken really means, and also I have been touched by the ‘2/3 of the angels that did NOT fall’. The network of people all across our nation that truly care about their fellow man inspires me over and over again.  I have truly learned and solidly stand on, that when one is obedient to the call of the Lord, then He unveils deeper and deeper parts of the father’s heart. There is nothing like experiencing God in all three persons. So in short – It is so much more than socks!!

Did you have a passion to help the homeless before the change, or was it something completely new to you?
I always wanted to do good, but helping the homeless never crossed my mind until the Lord gave me this mission.  Recently the Lord asked me “Do you want to know why I have put caring in your heart for the homeless?” I excitedly said “Oh Yes, Please Lord”.  Immediately the Lord brought to my remembrance the night before I left home. I was 17 years old again, staring at myself in the mirror, experiencing the bruising that led me to leave. And then I heard the Lord say “You see, you never realized you were homeless then, but I, the Lord, have taken your hurt and turned it into a victory in your life.”

Do you believe that everyone has a specific calling upon their life? 

 If yes, how would you encourage someone unsure of what they should be doing to seek it out?
You must first be born again (be in relationship with Jesus), then seek the Lord and His will for your life. Do not ignore it once you have heard from Him, and rejoice in what He has placed in your heart. The Lord is our guiding light, PERIOD. He is our provider, PERIOD. He will never leave us or forsake us, PERIOD. Stand on Him always.

What about someone who knows what they should be doing, but is just fearful of taking a step out into the unknown?
Rejoice in what He has placed in your heart. Praise is powerful, Faith is necessary, and offensive prayer leads us to His destination quickly. Stand, love and embrace the Lord’s calling on your life.

What would be your inspirational Bible verse, quote and/or song of choice?  
Matthew 9:36  But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were faint and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd.
Song: From the Inside Out (Hillsong)

As we have a similar area of interest (homeless), what would you say (if anything) to counteract the very negative stereotypes that surround people who are affected by this?
We are called to love – it never matters what another does or did, it only matters what Jesus did.

Do you have a particular story of awesomeness that you would like to share about a particular group, event or person that you have helped along the way?
One of my favorite places to send socks is the church of the commonground in Atlanta, GA – this church is an outreach church that each week wash the feet of the homeless and  give them new socks and shoes. They also encourage those that have had their feet washed to wash the feet of others. So pure and powerful, we simply love it.

Photo used by permission of Comfort Socks
Lastly, is there anything else you would like to add before we close?
I appreciate the opportunity to share the spiritual side of our mission. Using such a simple thing to give comfort to the lost is such a profound thing, and it is totally God. We pray over every pair that leaves us, with full faith that His healing will touch the person whose feet the socks will cover.  I thank Him for you and your dedication to share His love. 

Thank you again so much Theresa for the interview! You are a true inspiration, and may you (and your entire organization) be blessed for that which you do.

If any of you would like to link up with Comfort Socks you can find them on all the different social media platforms, so you can spread the word to all you know about what a great thing they are doing via  FacebookTwitter and G+

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