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Atlanta Be Tripping (Helping the Homeless is now a Crime Edition)

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TBT Christmas Volunteers 2014

Yes, what you have heard is true, you can now get a citation ticket for handing out food to the homeless in Atlanta. Our area actually low key knew this was coming for over a month now, as another group who goes to Little 5 Points during the week got ticketed and let the grapevine know. However, want to hear a blessing? That same week one of our partners, Tapesty Church, secured a space in the community center down the street for two days a week (Sunday morning and Thursday afternoon). For over 30 years one of these rooms was served by a Rev Meeks (and his wife), who had a huge heart for Jesus and helping the downtrodden. However, he has is gotten up in age, and had a series of health issues, so he had to finally step down earlier this year. Tapestry (as they are an official 501-C) tried to get the space earlier when we informed them of the change, but were denied, however God came through right one time. :D Has it been a bit of an adjustment? Sure, as I have been standing outside on a street corner for over 6 years. However, I keep reminding myself of how warm it is going to be when winter comes and I don’t have to rock 3 pairs of pants, 2 socks, 4 shirts, a jacket, gloves and hat in order to feed the people and share the love of Jesus.

What do I think about it? I think it is ridiculous (just as I did when FL tried to pull this mess)! I have seen the city over the past 6 years try to get rid of the homeless (well poor people in general) by just trying to move them out instead of offering actual solutions. We have a homeless problem .. because we have a house problem .. we have an outreach problem both on the organization level and resource level … i.e. organizations end up fighting for the same people, organizations end up being corrupt, resources that will actually help people long-term are limited or non-existent. Do I have all the answers? I do not, but I have always said we need to stop fighting against one another, and start working together. I know that I am not alone in my efforts and know other individuals have banded together, outside of the traditional 501-C mold in order to impart real personal change/influence with the individuals living this lifestyle day in and day out. Because newsflash, there are some people out there who will ALWAYS be homeless, they live outside BY CHOICE and even a blizzard won’t bring them inside (I have seen it, and yes they were in their “right mind”).

I extend a personal invite to anyone who would like to come help out any maybe doesn’t have a place to go. We have a lovely group of folks, count varies from week to week, so just hit me up and I will be more than happy to give you the specific details.

It is easy to look around and see how the world is turning away from true love (God), but we must not lose hope. Seriously, we must not. As I keep reminding myself, since I am living right now, it was chosen by God for me to be alive during this time, and thus I have my Father’s business to carry out. This applies to you as well. The darker it gets, the more we as believers need to shine, so that we are examples of the genuine and pure love found only when you come face to face the Creator (God), Savior (Jesus), and Guide (Holy Spirit) of this world!

Dear Father God,
Personally I thank you for putting homeless outreach in my heart. I know without a doubt it came from You because I am not the best at sticking with anything, and this is something that enters my thoughts on the daily. The idea that there is someone out there that feels unworthy and unloved jars me (as I know what it feels like to have such untrue things go through your mind), and if I can change that thought for someone by showing YOUR love to them, then that is a win for You, a win for the kingdom. Strengthen us during this time, as we look about a see a world we don’t recognize. People can’t help people? What a shame that is! However, regardless of what man may say, You are God, and in You we will find our commission and way. Protect Your children as they follow your commands, solidify their faith so they have the courage and ability to stand, may their trust be in You.
In Jesus name, Amen. 

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