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The Disclaimer Declaration

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It has been a while since I have written anything.

Truth be told I haven’t wanted to. It isn’t so much that I haven’t felt that I should, but more so the human side of not wanting to .. not feeling that I am worthy to write really. After-all I have so many lessons still to learn myself, so what right do I have to act as if I know anything to impart any sort of wisdom or enlightenment on anyone else? Well that is what some less than helpful voice speaks between my ears sometimes at-least, and I reckon the absence of words on this page shows that I have listened.

The Holy Spirit though reminded me why I started writing in the first place though. It’s been well over a decade now, and I would pen a few words on something I had been recently taught, and send it out to my friends via email, post them on Livejournal , or on ChristianForum. I started writing when I “rededicated” my life (something I have come to learn as believers we should do on the daily). It didn’t matter to me if anyone commented, or even read it, it was enough to know that I MAY on some off-chance help someone else, even if in the smallest way as I knew even back then this life wasn’t easy. It was a way to keep myself in check, as if I was always (even if weekly) coming face to face with a lesson, I couldn’t sweep it under the rug. It had to be acknowledged, even if it was something akin to a pig covered in mud.

So to anyone reading this I would just like to put a disclaimer out there, that I am not perfect – except when looked at through the eyes of the Father, thanks to Jesus’s sacrifice, I will always be a person who falls short, yet I will always urge people to do better, to be better, than I may be myself, and know that I do not count myself higher than anyone else. Truth be told most days I am just happy that one day I will be in heaven and I won’t have the option to choose wrong anymore. However, does any of that (should have of that) stop me from writing? No. Just as Peter denied Jesus 3 times (after being with Him for quite some time), Saul/Paul persecuted Christians (and it took blindness to turn him around), and Mary Magdalene had an alternative beginning (do you know there is actual debate on if she had mental issues or if she actually was promiscuous), each went on to do great things for the kingdom of God. So, if there was never ending hope for them, there is never ending hope for me, and thus that same hope is extended to you.

So I conclude with this (although rest assured there will be more written about this in the future), we live in an age where everything is topsy turvy. Where it seems more acceptable to worship a tree, than to say a man came and died for your sins so you can be reconciled to the Creator of this word. I encourage you as a believer, to be strong. That if anyone tells you that you are too young, or too old, have too little knowledge because you didn’t go to school, that you can’t speak clearly, don’t dress right, so thus “you cannot speak about God and tell of the great things He has, can, and will do”, give them a good “God bless you” and continue to go about Your Father’s business (even if it is a little voice inside your head).

Dear God,
We thank you Father that we did not have to take the weight of our sins upon ourselves. Who of us could handle that load? I know I could not, if by OT standards would there even be enough time or animals to sacrifice for all that I have done? I dare not think of it, as I do not have to because we as believers have a hope and trust in Jesus. He was obedient in life and in death, knowing why He was here, and what was to be done, because of not only His love for You, but His love for Your creation. Because He bore our sins, those of us who have accepted Him as Lord and Savior, can call you Abba Father, we can commune with You, we get the gift of the Holy Spirit, we have hope eternal. Help us to grow in You. Strengthen us for the times ahead. Let us not get distracted by out shortcomings, but turn our weakness in to strength. Praise be to You Father, may Your grace abound.
In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

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