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This week we have been working on refining an upcoming pin design (hopefully July release) and writing the corresponding devotional. Which had to be re-written as the initial drafts were way too long to fit neatly on a compact card, as there is just so much that can be said about transformation. Really the Bible is filled with scriptures that speak to our soul’s evolution (for better or worse), so to get that extra info out, here is a verse blast for your viewing and learning pleasure. Along with a video, because well music is quite important to me and my personal relationship with the Trinity, and this song is awesome. 😊

*All base images are free use on Pixabay, then further edited and designed by me.  
Feel free to post and share verses as you see fit.
Why don't I "watermark" 24/7? Well because I don't own the copyright to God's word, and I go back and forth with doing it vs. not doing it.  
Also, blogger would not let me embed the video from Shonlock's actual account (for some reason #grrr), but you can subscribe for more awesome tunes here

Peace and blessings to you through Jesus Christ. 💙 

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