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*LoveIs* - 9.9.12

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Whew, well it seems that it has been a minute or two since I posted under the *LoveIs* tag, but all things are still going well on the Little 5 Points and overall in life (concept) fronts. I would like to introduce Mr Mike who is a new volunteer to the Sunday mission (he himself was once on the other side of things once upon a time). We all feel very blessed with him being there and I do enjoy the way he teaches/preaches. Plus anyone who drives a blue motorcycle already gets some platinum stars in my book. ;)

Prayer requests for Brother Dewey and Brother Jimmy as it seems they are both struggling with some health things right now.

Overdue thanks to one attendee who made a little gift for me [yay for skullies and roses, woot!] Prayers for the person below, that he continues to STAY STRONG with whatever life may bring his way, for as we know each day - is a new day, and to CLING TO JESUS!

Today during the end of our time down there we received a compliment from a passerby stranger, this is "love in action", the woman said - who continued forth with saying she was personally inspired (seems God has been working on her for some time) to go out and help someone(s) in need.



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