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WaxNotNeeded - Another Music Post [Abandon Edition]

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So you could be saying to yourself right now, really Hollie – don’t you think you have posted enough musically reference blogs in the past few months? Nope, I say. This year has been a GREAT YEAR of music to me, with favorite bands coming out with terrific new albums to all the bands I am just discovering. For me, music is a very key part of not only my life, but my worship to God. Considering I drive like 30% of my life and while driving I am ALWAYS listening to tunes, not to mention, the handy headphones that are plugged in perhaps half of my work day, I’d say it’s pretty important that the right stuff is going in (so in turn the right stuff can come out).

So with all of that being written, HOW ON EARTH DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT ABANDON UNTIL NOW? Yes, all caps – I am doing the pseudo computer scream, because serious – they are awesome.

I just got their album “Control-Expanded Edition” and over the past week it has been played on repeat almost nonstop, with two stand-out favorites being the ones listed below. What about their music draws me in? Well aside from the super melodic cords of awesome, the lyrics belt out truth and a calling for reformation and transformation of this generation (in time). “Live ItOut” has what will surely end up being in the top favorite 20 verses of all time for me.

We are lost and broken people
Turned our crosses into steeples
Let’s take them down and put them on our backs now
Keep your love on track now

How truthful is this folks? Seriously! I will leave the personal conviction part up to the Holy Spirit, but you cannot deny that it rings true to this generation. Likewise the overall message of the song in which is to share the truth (salvation, love, grace) that which we know. In “YourLove Goes On” and the following section comes around I cannot help but to belt it out, I mean admittedly both of this songs give me chills (not to mention to other tracks), it is hymns of old – you can feel what was meant when it was written, it applies to your life and instinctively know it applies to everyone else as well, so it has that family of believers effect, which I like.

And you would follow me a million miles
And a million times you saved my life

Whew. However, don’t take my word for it – listen to them yourself and have an experience all your own.

In conclusion, here are the most 100 searched bible verse in 2009 on BibleGateway (seriously great resource), in case you were just curious – or wanted a list perchance to start remembering (Bible Drill anyone?)

Dear Heavenly Father – We come to you today simply thankful for ALL things that you have given - from each new day, to the clothes on our back, the people in our lives, to the ability to call you Abba and call Your Son, Savior and Spirit, Helper. We look around and see a world in need, we see people that are suffering and crying out for change, yet they seem to be looking in all the wrong places. May believers be aligned to You Father and may those who do not believe come to Your saving truth. We know the sad truth that not everyone will call upon You as Messiah, and that is very disheartening, but we pray for all people one in the same. As none of us want anyone to perish and spend eternity away from Your love and grace. May we cling to You dear Lord, in the same way that You hold onto us – with an everlasting, unshakable, immeasurable love. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray, amen.

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