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SONS - Keep Quiet Giveaway

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So let me start off by saying if the SONS album “Keep Quiet” was a cassette, rather than a digital download my copy would cease to be playable. So far into 2012 this is my favorite “new” band find. Their lyrics are sublime representations of the truths I write about and believe. The way they convey authentic biblical messages and current state of the world factualness is bold and elegant. Le sigh. As corny as this may be, if I was ever blessed to publicly speak on a format in which I could "bring a band along" they would be one of my requested choices. 

Here is just one of the 12 tracks on Keep Quiet, “Doubt”. Truth be told, I cannot even pick out top faves from the album, it is honestly THAT GOOD in my opinion. Of course I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout out to JesusFreakHideout who introduced me to this band via their "Artists We've Been Trying To Tell You About" compilation disc. 

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