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Gift This.

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While recently doing some of the LoveIs work stuff (God has given us second location to start helping – YAY) a young girl gave me a gift in return for us coming out. It was a gift I most assuredly already had (of sorts) but by her giving it to me brought some sort of full circle significance to all that God has made real in my life over the past almost three years … it was a Bible. How funny that she, this girl who I have never seen - never had very any conversation with (other than the chat about 15 minutes before about who we are and the work we do in L5P), before I left to leave ran to give me a KJV Bible and speak with me on the comfort of Crocs (admittedly, I just don’t get them people.. but are they REALLY as cloud-like as everyone says?).

It reminded me of the scripture in Isaiah …

The word had been given out through-out the years to the people on the corner, and it was coming back to me in a simple gesture by whom might all accounts be an angel is disguise (yes, I totally believe in that sort of thing) by someone in locale 2 (it was our third time serving there).

We, as believers of Yeshua, all have been given a gift and have therefore have a gift to share …

So, Merry Christmas, as those who see me on the day to day hear so often. You’ve gotten your gift, now it is time to share it with the world!

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