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What’s the 411?

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Yes, I was born in the 80’s and cannot let go of 90’s slang, who doesn’t remember “talk to the hand because the face isn’t listening”? Okay, so while I haven’t said that one in many a year, it did just make me chuckle to pen it down.

To be honest I haven’t written (on here) because I couldn’t settle on where to start with all that is going on, so now that we got that out of the way, here we go.


On May 19th the world lost a great man (well great men and women are unfortunately leaving us every day), but I speak of Ravi Zacharias. I was blessed to be able to see him speak (and meet) a few years back at a college, it was awesome, and well there is no doubt in my mind where he is right now. If you are struggling or curious with any aspect of your faith, or if you want to come to faith, but something is holding you back, I recommend you checking out one of his videos. He speaks with intelligence, love, and kindness. **Edit: 2.15.2021, my heart is breaking over and over again with the allegations, charges, victims, and seeming betrayal. I am left confused and conflicted and have removed most of his sole posts on the blog and links. As I type this I am currently watching this video in which I hope brings some sense of "something", but alas I know only God will be able to mend this wound. May our hope, trust, and faith reside with Father, Son, and Spirit forever and always, all of our days ~ who is without fault, without failing, perfect, and good forever and ever. 


It is a ‘history book’ time we are in right now, and my hope is that common sense starts to flourish, and we (as the collective human race) do not place anything above human life. I know someone who has passed from COVID, and understand that this can be a confusing time. Know that there is a peace that surpasses all understanding available to you (Philippians 4:7), and that I truly feel the most important thing to know now, and ever, is that Jesus Christ is the risen Son of the One True God (Creator of the World), and by Him alone are we saved (John 14:6).

Two videos that touched my heart last month, but I failed to share: 


Wild Glow Studio

The new artsy, hobby, mission project that is tag teamed by Kory and I, with the statement: to create faith-centered, glow-in-the-dark enamel pins, so you can shine your light (Matthew 5:15-16), even in the darkest of times! So far the shop has 3 enamel pins and 2 button pins, with 2 more enamels on the way. As stated in the “about us” on Etsy: “As we are just starting out we have an idea of where we would like this to go, but as it is an effort of faith, fun, and love, we are content wherever He wants it to go.” As we are self-funded, there was an attempt at a Kickstarter, to create a 12 month “Glow Gram” sub, but that didn’t pan out (only 30% of campaigns succeed).However, it did open my eyes to something I can do standard.  We are hoping that as the months and years go by that all 12 of the Glow Gram designs are able to be produced, and all of them (and future designs) will come with a corresponding devotional card to dive deeper into the design meaning.😊


Due to some rules and regs that topic (in reference to my personal involvement) might not be shared on here much anymore, but my passion is still my passion, and my calling won’t ever quit – trust that (wink - wink), but I can point you to Love Beyond Walls who has been changing the game!  

What Else

Well know that you are an awesome human, and I hope that you are allowing God to use your life for His kingdom and glory. I hope that you are kind to yourself when you fall and are quick to acknowledge you need forgiveness and accept that forgiveness. That you do not carry with you burdens of this life, but you lay them down at the feet of the One who truly gives rest. That you see everyone through the eyes of God, full of love and understanding and compassion. That you do not use His word to spread hate but allow it to transform yourself and others through love with conviction and a truth that surpasses time itself.  

Peace and blessings to you, through Jesus Christ!

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