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Guest Post (VBS) - [All about] Lent [more than just a Catholic thing]

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Am I Catholic? Nope
Was I ever Catholic? Nope
Will I ever be Catholic? Nope
Do I partake in Lent? Yep
Why? Because in a nutshell, it is about giving up something(s) in order to align yourself with the Father, Son and Spirit. It is about sacrificing something for the One (God) who created you, the One who died for you (Jesus) and the One who guides you (Holy Spirit). I myself have given up television and Starbucks. If you know me, then it makes perfect sense. I spend hours after work watching episodes of The (original) Twilight Zone [current Netflix option of choice at the moment] and can drop a few $$$ on S-Bizzy in a week. By giving up these two things I am henceforth freeing up more time to devote to God and money for His purpose. Various past givings of mine and current givings of others include desserts, soda, Facebook, eating out, etc. I believe you should search yourself and seek God to what it is that He would have you give up, as everyone is different.

In the meantime, please check out the video below and Relevant Magazine article "Why Practicing Lent IS Crazy" to learn a little more about the topic.

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  1. Our church does not celebrate (not sure if that's even the appropriate word) Lent as fully as many other churches might, but we do acknowledge the season by beginning with 6 black candles, extinguishing one every week until they are all dark. At that point we pull a black shroud over the candles to commemorate Christ's death on the cross. On Easter Sunday morning, the candles and shroud are gone replaced by the burning Christ Candle. This has become very meaningful to us.

  2. Oh well thank you for sharing Tim! That sounds like a wonderful way to mark down the days (weeks) for resurrection Sunday!