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*LoveIs* - 2.26.12

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So you know if you have already baked 233 chicken wings by 9am it is going to be a good day right?

I would like to start off by saying many – many thanks to the Father for keeping Pat safe (shown right in picture below, standing). On the way to service last Sunday, he was knifed in the neck over a few little cents (booface + grrface maximus). Seems due to the rain, he took a cross street and couldn't hear the footsteps behind him. However, the assailant has been picked up and will be prosecuted.  I am just super happy he is safe, because he shows up each and every Sunday, in rain or shine, to help me pass out things, even if only just donuts and bottled water. He is a real blessing in my life, as well as those that are in need around the L5P area, as when he is not working his FT job (RN), he is constantly devoted to helping out others! 

Today, as the weather was divine, a few new faces came about, which is always a delight. It was really great to see two guys (who live out of their truck), help out others in need by handing out some of the extra items they have collected through-out the week. If only more of the “world community” could help out each other regardless of social casts/classes, we would be doing better even more so (global speaking). There really is a world out there in need and we each need to do our part. Perhaps you have something “against” those who are homeless, what about helping victims of sex trafficking or helping out foster children, what about helping out families who cannot pay their medical bills or habit for humanity, everyone just needs to have something they contribute to (I feel). Kind of taken a page from “pay it forward” all of the time, because you have been given it ... and you probably have extra (of something) whether it be time, money, resources, etc, so why not turn it back around for the good of our world?

In the next few months, I will share an initiative for *LoveIs* (in regards to becoming a 501-C), so I appreciate your prayers on this now, just for guidance of how to go about it all.

As an update for Brother Dewey, doctors have said it is progressing nicely and should be able to return in around a month.

For Little Jimmy (who had colon surgery), he is not doing so well, so please keep him in your prayers. He is under constant watch at the moment, so … 

Special note just goes out to anyone who has recently lost a loved one, may you mourn their passing for only a short time, as we know we have the hope in Christ, that we will be able to see them again! 

Tune today by ReHab, but if it just doesn't happen to be your taste of music, at least check out the lyrics here

SiC <3

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    1. Awe <3 Well thank you ma'am! It's funny I was thinking the other day how sometimes I forget Aubs and yourself have "known" me for about 8 years now, so WOW, I can only imagine the changes you have seen me go through. However, alas I think we are all turning out A-OK and becoming some very "Proverbs" women with each passing day. =)