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WaxNotNeeded: A Statement, A Thought and A Task

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Earlier today I posted the following on my Facebook ... 

Have you heard the one about the 16 year old teenage atheist winning a law-suit to remove a banner from her school because it started off "Our Heavenly Father" ended in "Amen" and is henceforth unconstitutional? It was written by a former student back in the 60's. :( It seems she has since been receiving threats, which is no good on the part of the believers, but alas I always wondered something ... if you just don't believe, what matter is it of yours that someone else does? I mean, as believers, we are called to spread the gospel to those who do not know the truth, so yes your unbelief to us requires action. Yet, if you believe ... in nothing .. what matter is it of yours that we believe (know to be true) "something"? // Alas, it has been happening since the dawn of time and will continue since if you are not working “for” God, inevitably you are (more than often) being led by another master “against” God. This will carry on (evermore rapidly now) until finally the TRUE-TRUTH is revealed for all to see, as when the TRUE King returns to His throne after the binding of the evil one [steps away from mic] //

Of course after posting it my mind starting thinking about it in a whole, as I hope others did (will do) when they read it. Though no worries about me going on a rant about unbelievers and how they seem to want to punish those who believe, it is more so about how in this current age, how do we as believers respond? Do we, as a whole, witness to the world as much as generations past? Make no mistake about it, as my fingers press upon the keypad right now, they might as well be pointing to myself, for I have conviction within my own being of not knowing where all my friends even stand on the matter (ie saved or not). This thought, in all honesty, has been weighing a lot on my mind as of late, as I do not wish to see anyone suffer the fate of hell, even more so those close to me.

I mean we, as believers, all hope to hear “well done, good and faithful servant” when this is all said and done by the Father, but do we not want everyone – in the history of ever – to also hear those same words? Earlier Christians (aka the first disciples) spread the word of Jesus at any cost, now I am talking imprisonment, physical torment and even death. We often coward down, saying whispered prayers at fancy restaurant tables,  reading weathered Bibles in closed cars at lunch time – instead of in the open break room, telling young children that though while it is ok to talk about God on Sundays to your fellow children’s church attendee’s it best not at your public school lest you be scorned. How shameful we are! How cruel are we really, to keep a hold of the Truth that we claim that rules our everyday lives from the world in which is dying around us!

Why do we hide our light? Is it fear? Truly, is that it? I would only stand to reckon, fear of people – of what they might do, what they might say, how we might be looked down upon in the eyes of some fellow human. However, how much more-so must the Savior of our sins weep when we (in effect) deny Him from our lack of action and communication for the advanced of His kingdom here?
So where does the task part come in? Well I am sure you can guess what I am going to say … BE A LIGHT! Show Christ, Share Christ in SOME WAY – SOME FASHION – each and every day as you carry out your day. Show the world what God really is about – not about being perfect, not about being “holier than thou”, not about hate – but about LOVEPEACEHONORCOMMUNION and FAMILY! About putting your trust in the One who created you, about lifting others up – instead of kicking them down (or even while they are so), about feeding the hungry, providing shelter for the homeless, mending the broken, hugging the downcast, choosing GOOD over EVIL and calling upon forgiveness each and every time you do fall (which is without recourse inevitable), but not because of what YOU have done (because we are just humans), but because of HIS MERCYHIS GRACE and HIS GOODNESS (a la the trinity, Father – Son and Spirit in One)!

Now, I am holding back on an official VERSE BLAST in hopes you will take a gander at the additional reading section below. The traditional time of Lent/ala 40 days of fasting is here/coming up (depending upon your celebration/recognition schedule), and so now, is a better time than ever to reacquaint yourself with the “good book” and of course, the Father’s will. However, here is just one scripture art for your view ... 

Dear Heavenly Father – We thank You for all that has been, is now and is to come. Thank you for breathing life into our being and calling us into Your court. May we be a flood light to a world that is dark, decayed and in despair. May we be renewed in You daily, ever in alignment with Your will, living in Your purpose and relaying on You alone, instead of our own devices. May we be shielded from the things around us which seek to bring us harm. May we ban together as a true family to work in one accord. In the name of Your son, Jesus Christ. ><>

Additional Reading Matthew 5 and Titus 3 

Noted scripture reference for “well done, good and faithful servant” can be found from The Parable of the Bags of Gold in Matthew 25:14-28


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