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*LoveIs* - 2.19.12

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Have you read the verse in the Bible before which states, “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it” (Hebrews 13:2)?

Interesting concept eh? I think more on this verse (since beginning *LoveIs*) than ever before. As the routine goes, there are people who I have seen only once as they are “passing through” the Atlanta area – on their way to another destination, where as some I see only every few months, even though I know they keep their residence within the area. Of course, if you should so anticipate that someone is an angel, do you ask them? I have been before … and I think it’s ok, almost like some celestial badge of honor (albeit temporary). It is the goal of every believer to be a light to a darkened world – to live as such as people see Christ shining through you, right? In the world in which we live, where more people are concerned with getting and taking, rather than giving and sharing, of course a mere mortal could be tagged as such if they express extreme kindness and generosity to someone in which I way they have not seen before. I’ve taken it as a true compliment the times I have been asked, but then quickly let them know I am just a human who is doing what God told her to do, with imperfections and flaws just like the rest of the lot.

Anywho, just a random thought for this Sunday I thought I would share.

Perhaps, might I recommend, you be a human angel to someone who crosses your path this week. See someone ponder over if they have enough money to pay for everything they have in front of you at the check out? Help them out. See someone who has their hands full, but may be further back than normal for a courteous door hold? Hold it anyways. Know someone has had it rough lately, but know something they love? Leave them a secret present. You never know what small gesture (in your eyes), can make a big impact in the life of someone else.

By the way, if I ever get around to making a custom bumper sticker(s) this would be one for the collection (perhaps it would give an explanation to the wide-eyed people on I-10) ...

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