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*LoveIs* - 2.12.12 (Grrrr to the Brrrrr)

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Just so we all know, I very much dislike being cold. I wear knee highs (under jeans) in the middle of summer on days that are too windy, I wear gloves to drive in on days in which begin in the 50’s, I will coordinate any long sleeve work attire with a fluffy coat or track suit jacket without shame – just to be warm. So today, when I woke up and it was below freezing (of course) my human nature wanted me to stay in bed and not go to L5P, but then the Spirit brought this into remembrance as told by one of the attendees, “When it is extremely cold or raining, no one comes, but it is then we need it the most. For those are the days, we do not eat”.  

*FACE-SMACK* right?

So I bundled myself up in as many layers as other people probably wear to go skiing on the alps and made my way downtown. I was delighted to see many familiar smiling faces as the egg-n-cheese biscuits and bottled water was handed out. I found peace in knowing that even if for some of them, who do not have a roof covering their head at night (as they carried their bedrolls with them and are unable to enter a shelter, for one reason or another), that they would have something tasty for their bellies to start out their day.

While sitting in the living room of my apartment last night I could hear the wind roaring outside and it’s in moments like that I think of the ones who have no home. How rough are their nights? How do they survive? By none other than God’s sustaining grace, I can assure you! Until you look into the face of someone who has spent the night outside in 20 degrees or below temperature wearing a ratty thermal shirt with patched together jeans nestled in a tore up sleeping bag, which laid upon the piercing concrete to have them say, “I am blessed and doing well today because God woke me up this morning”, well let me just say thankfulness and gratitude for your own situation takes on a whole new meaning.

Never-the-less as their bellies got filled, my Spirit overflowed today with their fellowship and in addition, as I was introduced by Pat today to a ministry that lies just a few blocks away from L5P at a church called Mercy Community. There sat some familiar faces that were warming up from the cold and new future friends who seemed as delighted to meet me, as I truly am to know of them. I met their leader Pastor Chad, who was busy at work carrying out his Sunday tasks and furthermore, made plans with Pat to visit them next Sunday after our group concludes. While driving to drop Pat off he relayed just a very brief history of how that ministry all started. It seems, that Pastor Chad, who now has four walls and a roof to call his own, started out working from his car and setting up shop on a park bench just a few steps down from where his shop is now. If hearts could smile, mine was at that moment, as within the same breathe Pat said, “If he can do it Hollie, you will be able to too. God will work it out.”  Amen, eh?

If you knew me ten years ago, you would probably never figure that this is what I would be doing today, heck even two years ago, I mean I surely didn’t. Even now sometimes I get caught up in the mental trickery of the devil, asking God “how me, why me, who am I to do such things”, but it is not by our goodness, do we do such, but by that goodness which was shown to us and that we are called to emulate to others from God, His Son and the Spirit (a la LOVE). I’ve said it once before and I will undoubtedly repeat it in the future, it is these times I look to Paul. I put my princess of the king panties on (wow I wonder if they really do make those) and say to myself (perhaps likewise the Spirit reminding me), “Now Hollie, if God can call a mega-mercenary of His people into His court to do His will, why then not you?”


The same applies to ALL of His children. God has a purpose for all people, but it is up to us to listen for the call and to be a willing servant to act on His behalf. Not sure how to listen/where to go/how to start? Well picking up His love letter to us is always a great first option (aka the Bible), in addition to seeking Godly counsel or just simply praying and letting the Father know you are willing.

So in conclusion to God give the glory for all things and I hope you have a delightful evening/week/weekend. J

SiC <3 

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